Where is the ALL THE STUFF OREO’S Bitter Friday Giftures


There are a lot of myths out there. Dementors, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. I think people love myths because they love the mythtery of the unknown. There are a lot of unexplained things in this world, like Madea. The most recent myth that I have found is the Oreo’s ALL THE STUFF they keep talking about. In theory, it is an amazing idea.

Oreo’s have long had no enough stuff inside their cookies. At first, they must have seen the habits of their loyal customers taking apart the one side of the two different cookies, combining the stuffs in the middle and creating a super cookie. So they decided to get ahead of it and make Double Stuff. But that wasn’t enough. People were taking Double Stuff and combining those cookies and making a quad stuff. They kept trying to get ahead of people, but we just kept making our own. Finally they decided to make the Ultimate Creme Filling and created the ALL THE STUFF. Unfortunately, it is all just a myth.

We’ve tried to find them, but they don’t seem to exist. We looked at ALL THE STORES, but none of them have them. Now, I’m thinking it was just an elaborate April Fools Joke that Oreo’s is playing on us. You got us, Oreo. Now go ahead and actually make them so we can move on with our pathetic lives. Speaking of pathetic, here are this week’s Bitter Friday Giftures.

In honor of Pi day yesterday…

…let’s look at Jerry getting his on Park and Rec.

In honor of fall being over a while ago…

…let’s take a look at this amazing fall.

In honor of it being March the 5 teenth…

…let’s see this high five denied.

In honor of it almost being outdoor weather…

…let’s enjoy this glass mishap.

In honor of it being too early…

…let’s wake these chumps up.

In honor of not being able to move…

…let’s hope this girl get’s tangled up in her make too much movement.

In honor of it being a day where we need to build something…

…let’s tear something down.

In honor of not being able to get ALL THE STUFF Oreo’s…

…let’s just make our own.

In honor of it being Bitter Friday Giftures…


…let’s make an exception for this Oreoprah.

In honor of the hard workers…

…let’s bend over backwards for them.

In honor of Tim the Toolman Taylor…

…let’s never let go.

As the kid’s would say…

…this gun is lit.

If anyone has seen any sign of the mythical ALL THE STUFF Oreo’s, please send any pictures, even if they are blurry.



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Target Deal of the Day: Philips Analog Airfryer. Talk about a mythical creature. This thing can somehow fry the air, which I previously thought impossible. Not only that, but this thing is 50% off and it is in stock. Is all that possible in one product? Pick one up for only $99.99 today, before they disappear and become part of the Oreo legend of things that don’t exist.




10 thoughts on “Where is the ALL THE STUFF OREO’S Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. And in honor of those merry pranksters who put super glue on that lawnmower’s handle just so that that poor devil couldn’t let go until he was in the middle of the street just so that we fans of Friday Giftures could laugh uncontrollably. We salute you, merry pranksters — and you too, Ben. 😀


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