Music on Repeat

Seems like some aliens have a cosmic repeat button that makes us do things over and over again.

Did everyone have as bitter of a weekend as I did? I mean seriously, we got the same NBA Finals as we have the last four years? The weather was fairly lackluster and haven’t blogged since last Friday, so it seems like it has been an eternity since I’ve written a terrible blog post. Though it seems like I’ve gotten a lot of comments since then. Seems like something weird is going on.

Anyways, does it ever feel like Groundhog’s Day to you? Like every day is almost always the same? It feels like someone is just pulling the strings on you? The same drive in, the same drive home, the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Same things said in the meetings? I’ve been in some Groundhog’s Day situations a lot.

It makes me wonder about singers. I’ve heard or read interviews about them, where the talk about going on tour. They go to a new town, they sing 3 or 4 hours, put on a performance, get on a bus, go to the new town, sing the same songs.

It’s pretty rare to find a new song that you like so much that you put it on perpetual repeat, but recently I did that at work.  The weird thing is that during one of the repeat marathons, I had to take off my headphones, and got interrupted for quite a while. I forgot to hit pause, and then I came back about an hour later.

At that moment, even though this is completey irrational, I imagined that singer having to sing the song against their will on repeat and their throat getting parched, wanting so badly for me to move on to the next song, being completely uncomfortablely forced into singing the song over and over for eternity.

Not that we do things over and over again against our wills.

Since, I felt a little bad I moved on to another song. But then I wondered if maybe someone bigger than us in the universe is doing the same thing to us. Some alien race that loves our routine so much, that they put it on repeat, and leaving their cosmic desk, and not realizing they left us on repeat for a whole week. Then the finally realize it, and move on to the next earthling routine and we finally get to have a long weekend, where we get one extra day to screw up our lives.

Did everyone have as bitter of a weekend as I did? I mean seriously…


Bitter Music on Repeat Ben

24 thoughts on “Music on Repeat

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  2. I have never seen that movie Ground Hog Day, which is too bad, since it is constantly referenced by others. Then again, I get the reference without having to sit through the flick, so, score. I had a lousy weekend, but it was not a re-run of other lousy weekends. I won’t bore you with the details. If there are aliens who are so fascinated with our routine that they have us repeat it, I can only shudder at how barren and useless their lives must be. How fortunate that nobody can hear you scream in space (I read that on a movie poster somewhere).

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    • Weddings are the worst. I can’t handle them. I honestly think everyone should elope, so I never have to go to one in my life. Also it will save me money when my daughter decides to elope.


      • She & now-husband were going to, but “it turns out we’re bad at eloping” but at least it was a not-in-a-church ceremony (back yard, day was decent) and the dress code was “Try to dress nice, but be comfortable.” And they’d planned the reception to be ‘dutch’ but Ma & Friend decided to take that on anyway – and to everyone’s shock the food and drinks bills (seperate) were BOTH less than expected. Probably from keeping things still fairly small. And that the fellow with the back yard had a few bottles (and some brought more) so not much more was truly needed. (Of course that the restaurant has great food, great service, and a fairly lousy liquor selection might also have something to do with it).


  3. Work days are always Groundhog days for me. Same crap, different day. Or same day, just same crap. Too much crap.

    Anyhow, my weekend was actually pretty good, except for the heat and humidity that caused us all to shut the windows and crank the A/C. I hate A/C. People run it too cold and then I freeze. I want fresh air so I can smell the fumes from the trucks parked next door at Costco.

    In regard to the NBA, I could care less about basketball. I am still bitter, though, that the Packers didn’t make the playoffs last season. Same AFC team in the Super Bowl again. Bitterly boring.

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  4. I had a very bitter weekend! Told my mom off once and for all. My song on repeat right now is son of a bitch by someone and the night sweats, catchy stuff!

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