Shake Your Money Earner Bitter Friday Giftures


I know you all what my brand is on this blog, Bitter, but if this were an actual brand that made money, what do you think the “catch phrase” would be? Meaning, if this blog was a television show, and you knew the show wouldn’t be complete without having this post every week, what would it be? What is my “D’oh” of the Simpsons, or my “Yabba Dabba Do!” of the Flintstones? Well, it would be the Bitter Friday Giftures of course. Ever since I’ve started it, like 2 or 3 years ago, I missed Bitter Friday Giftures once. It is pretty much an institution around here and whether you like it or not, these 12 Gifs will be delivered to you every single Friday. Not because it is my most watched blog post, or because it is the highest quality, but because I am lazy, especially on Fridays, and it is the one that requires the least amount of thought. So, with that in mind, bitterly enjoy the institution that will never die.

Let’s start today, like I do everyday

…with a flop.

This is how I watch used to watch TV…

…now I watch lazily from the couch.

The only surprises around here…

…are extremely bitter ones.

Good thing we have cop…

…like this…

To chase down…

…speed demons like this.

Sports teach us…

…how to be coordinated.

Instagram teaches us…

…how to take gorgeous selfies like this.

Cats teach us to go to all kinds of effort for them…

…just so they can climb out themselves.

Whereas dogs will do the opposite…

…climb in and help even when we don’t ask them to.

Biking is good exersize for us…

…the laughing is good for our abs when we get double whammies like this.

And we get to laugh at “hoverboards”…

…that aren’t really hoverboards.

In the end, this is what you get if you are associated with me…

…dragged down bitterly.

So get out there, shake your money earner, and learn to get disappointed by the reaction and your bank account. Because isn’t getting disappointed what bitterness is all about?


Bitter Money Not So much Earner Ben

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