A Half as Bitter Friday Giftures

I have a meeting with this guy this morning.

On my way in to work this morning, I heard there was a big war that was coming. Some big guy named Thanos was coming from some other part of the universe to earth and trying to destroy half of us. If I might just have an audience with Mr. Thanos, I would love to advise him on who should stay and who should go. I have a few former annoying co-workers that just need to go. And if the traffic in the mornings could be reduced by a half, I’m all with his plan. Also if I am one of the half that does go, I would like to request that I be watching an action movie on TV, while sitting on the couch eating pizza. I don’t think that is too much to ask, do you Thanos? Anyways, since half of you will be gone by Monday, I assume my blog audience is going way down too. So for your last weekend, here are some gifs for you to be bitter about.

I’m thinking this cat…

…would prefer to not be one of the half.

One guy is not going out without a fight…

…the other…is just going to lay here for a second.

Some people still have goals…

…and others are giving them up.

Some people are going to make an effort…

…and learn that effort will just come back and bite you in the end.

Some people have really good timing…

…others ruin theirs with a sneeze. 

In the rush to take flight…

…some might not make a graceful exit.

Some will succeed in their attempts to fight…

…others will table the discussion for another time.

Some will know what to do…

…other will wonder water we doing?

Some attempts to get away will be smooth…

…others will hit the rocks.

Some people will keep their heads…

…others will have head trauma.

Some will be lucky enough to be at the front of the line…

…others will wish they hadn’t waiting to be last in line.

Some will not worry about how they look…

…others will worry too much and fall into water fountains.

Well, off to take my meeting with Thanos. If you don’t hear from me for a while, then you know it didn’t go well for me. If I don’t hear from you, I will know it didn’t go well from you.


Bitter Half Fast Ben


16 thoughts on “A Half as Bitter Friday Giftures

    • Well, the weekend is over, so you might not still be here. Unfortunately, I’m still here, so there must be some evil purpose Thanos has for me to be here. Probably to write bitter posts about the Avengers.


  1. So here is my thought – how is it someone is always filming when people are doing amazingly stupid things, or is it that people are just ALWAYS doing amazingly stupid things?
    PS. Still here – hope you are too!!!


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