April Foolish Bitterness

Thought I would hop on here today.

I just wanted to hop on here today and say a few things. First, April Fool’s is the best holiday, not only because of the pranks and jokes and stuff, that make other people look like idiots, but also I get fooled a lot, and it makes me feel like an idiot. Most of the time, I’m looking out for it, but usually at some point in the day, I get tricked at least once into saying, “Really?” before going, “Uhhh, idiot, it’s April Fools.” It has been quite a traditish around here to at least try something.

My first one probably fooled the most people and probably on the other hand, a lot of people could see right through it. I talked about how lovely a weekend it was. The people that knew me, probably saw right through it. Though it was pretty funny to have people wish me a great weekend too. They should have known me enough to know that I don’t have good weekends just bitter ones.

Yeah, that was a great joke yesterday, but yeah, still GIMME MONEY!

Anyways, I’m sure you saw my April Fools Day blog yesterday about writing a book about this blog. I think the easiest way to get trick someone is to tell them most of the truth. For instance, I have been hoping to write a book and definitely want to write about using all this previous material that I’ve written. I mean, 1000+ posts and several hundred thousand spelling and grammar errors would be a great book for someone to edit. Anyways, that part is true.

In fact, the only part that wasn’t true was that I’m probably not doing it right now. The part that definitely was true is the part where you should all give me money. That gofundme is there and if you and my folks contribute I’ll be a billionaire soon. And all I would have to do is write some silly book. Sounds like a fair trade off.

Also, my birthday is coming soon, so my annual up-the-ante 45 things that make me bitter post is coming. So you know, you have nothing to look forward to. To all those that contributed to my GoFundMe, you are cool, but since nobody did, you are all ghosts to me. Haunting my bitter life.

Anyways, hopefully I will come up with something better next year, and I will have my book selling billions of copies and when you ask me for money, I will give it to someone else right in front of you.

What were your favorite pranks from yesterday?

Speaking of fools, what where your favorite April Fools/Easter pranks yesterday? Best one gets a free signed copy of my future book.


Bitter Fool Ben


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