Hungry Like a Wolfgang Friday Giftures


I’m always hungry, especially when I’m not hungry. I love eating well past when I am completely full. I always get so mad when I have to go to sleep because that means I have to go like 5 hours without eating. Who has time for sleep when you are trying to eat all the time? It’s like that goodness I wake up at three in the morning, just so I can have my mid sleep sub sandwich or can you imagine how grouchy and bitter I would be? Even more than I am now and that is pretty bad already. Oh, sorry I was supposed to be talking about hungry, like as in ambition. I was about to get there, but had to eat something. Sorry not about that. Anyways, here are the giftures I promise you every single Friday even though you probably don’t deserve them.

This girl right here shows you…

…what happens when you get two ambitious and try to do two things.

This guy gives you some…

…concrete evidence.

For some reason…

…this guy thought it was just fine to slow down just because he had some rope stuck on his legs.

This lady was doing her impression…

…of sports.

These guys mistakenly thought…

…someone hit pause on the blurayย player.ย 

This cat has the reflexes…

…of a cat?

These kids have the reflexes of…

…of kids.

Who isn’t a little hungry…

…for some bird?

This guy is going out for the pool team…

…he just hit the 8 ball in the corner pocket.

This horse…

…is trying to fly polo.

Who wants to play…

crashnastics. They don’t call it crashnicetics.

This guy was just trying to…

…make it much worse.

And just like that…he did. It always nice when you try your hardest to make it a worse day for everyone else. Go out there, and give it a shot. Make the world a bitter place. Make someone a little less shiny. Cause your friend to be a little more your enemy. Alright, after that demotivational talk, I’m a little hungry. Let’s Eat!


Bitter Wolflike Hunger Ben
















30 thoughts on “Hungry Like a Wolfgang Friday Giftures

  1. The imp in me is laughing loudly!
    The mom in me is saying, “Ouch! I hope everyone survived!”
    The animal lover in me is saying, “Especially that poor bird!: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Thanks for the laughs, Ben!
    HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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