New Video “Cool” by The CheeseBergens

This is Marissa, one of my long time followers and most frequent commenters. Most of her comments are telling me about how terrible the post was, or how messed up I am, which is true, all true. She slowed down on her blogging as of late so she and family can do like productive stuff or something. She has a family band and is trying really hard to pimp her video, so I decided to give you all a chance to see what her band is all about. Maybe I will check them out sometime too when I’m not too busy not doing work and laying around the couch (and on it). Give her some bitter likes or whatever so her family can continue to rock out and stuff.

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Friends! It is a monumental day in CheeseBergens history! Please join us by watching this video premier! Take a moment to indulge in this guilty pleasure and watch myself and my family as we make fools of ourselves! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you…”Cool”!

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16 thoughts on “New Video “Cool” by The CheeseBergens

  1. I know there’s a vocal. I can *almost* hear it. But only *almost*.
    Of course, my attitude is bitter enough that I figure if it’s not set up to BE heard, it is not WORTH being heard.

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