My Emoji’s

Or being bitter all the time.

I’ve ranted on here plenty of times about critics. They always seem to trash any movie you like or want to like and often leave a poisonous taste in your mouth about something. Redbox was having a $.15 cent sale because it is their 15th anniversary last night, so I picked up what many people called the worst movie ever, the Emoji movie, because why not? My oldest girl has been talking about the absurdity of it since we first heard about it.

Two things I have to say about it. 1. It isn’t the worst movie ever. In fact, it was quite charming and trust me, I’ve seen way worse. My wife has a particular gift which is picking out some of the worst movies. Whether it is on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even in movie theaters, I’ve seen some of the worst. Made me cry internal tears. I even saw a few where the sound dubbing was off the whole movie and it wasn’t a foreign film.

Second, I actually learned something from the movie. The main character, Gene is banished because in the Emoji movie each emoji was only supposed to have one feeling at all times. Their society treasured people who were good at the one thing they were supposed to do. Gene was the Meh emoji, but he screwed everything up because he displayed more than one feeling. Because heaven forbid, someone be complex at all.

I often think that society is the same way. We are always supposed to be happy and excited and full of jubilation. But we are human and we have complex emotions. As amazing as this revelation might be to you all, I’m not always bitter. Sometimes, I’m frustrated, angry, upset and terse too. And every once in a while, I am **shudder** happy. Trust me that is just a fleeting emotion.

The other day, when I was at a meeting, I didn’t contribute many words. Of course not, because first of all, I’m not a big talker, and second, most of my communication is non verbal. At the end of the meeting, the boss is like, I want you to talk more during the meeting.  So I non verbally eye rolled her and made sure I communicated with her more.

Here’s my non verbal contribution.

Just because I’m the king of bitter, doesn’t mean I always am. I mean some people are the kings of countries and they aren’t always doing that job 24/7 either. I think sometimes, critics or bosses or other people want to put us in this nice little box. You need to talk more, you need to not see that movie, you need to always be happy and overjoyed at all times.

You know, critics do serve one purpose in society. They are there to be ignored. All the great things about you, are that you didn’t listen to them once. Whether it is your boss critic, your movie critic or your society critic, you didn’t listen to them once. Don’t start a blog about bitterness they said. You can’t get anyone to follow you. Almost 10 thousand followers and almost 1000 posts later I’m still here.

And you should be too. Whether you are smiley most of  the time, or bitter almost all the time, go ahead and feel emotion. And if you gotta ignore someone to feel those things, go ahead. What are they going to do, fire you for doing something great? Ignore them all.

Except for me. Listen to me. Always be bitter.


Bitter Emoji Ben


48 thoughts on “My Emoji’s

  1. The people pleaser in me apologizes for not keeping up to date on your posts.

    The bitter person in me says, you get me. I have similar problems. Depends on the situation and who I’m around, but some people think I’m shy and some people think I’m a sass, some people think I’m a bad ass, and some people even think I’m sweet, but only the chosen ones see the bitter me.

    It’s always there, like a steady stream in my veins.


    • You have no need to apologize. I have been pretty absent lately too and it makes me bitter. But I keep at least doing a post on Friday to keep the bitterness alive. Take your time to read posts whenever you have the need of bitterness.

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  2. My issue with emojis is a matter of decoding. Perhaps I am simply too ancient (sounds so much better than merely ‘old’) that I don’t get them. That is exactly the problem, I tend to see some little image and go, “And what’s THAT supposed to mean?!”

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  3. Pretty much everything I’ve ever done, people have said, “Are you crazy?! Don’t do that!” And sometimes they were right, but often, they were wrong. And then, not only did I get to be right, I got to be self-righteous, which is so wonderfully obnoxious. Sometimes it’s even better than bitter.

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  4. I am pretty much always the 😄 emoji. It takes a lot to change that. But today, I feel kind of like a donut emoji 🍩 . Probably because my oldest kid just turned 18 today (I did it!), and well, you are what you eat.

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  5. Not that they ALL need our sympathy, but this must be what celebrities go through – to have to act a certain way, fulfill fans’ fantasies, yada yada yada. If you don’t have a strong interior voice, mental armor, you will get eaten alive. This is why, and I have been successful so far, I am not a celeb. I barely tolerate being recognized from Starbucks the day before. They take a toll, these critics’ voices, if you let them seep through. No wonder the yoga and meditation industry are going gangbusters. They are insidious (btw another great movie) and just that ONE criticism among the praise can sting, if you allow it to. Keep it up Ben, hope things smooth out at work and you can play well with others 🙂

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  6. Emoji’s….don’t even go there or I will spew bitterness all over the place. I can’t get emoji’s for my blog or my iphone. I wonder how many people other than you and me can rant about emo’s. Grrrrr.


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