I actually hopped

About this high.

So there is news. I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that I finally got a new job and it was permanent. No-contract-temporary-had-to-prove-myself-actually-got-insurance-once-I-completed-my-waiting-period-job. My family sang hallelueh’s because I had a job to pay for things, we can finally start looking for houses and we can get the heck out of dodge.

I went in there all gung ho (which for me is lazily entering the building) and they were almost as lazy getting me started. The boss wasn’t used to having a new employee in that position, so he didn’t exactly have training ready to go. I was of course okay with that, because I can always “find things to do”. As soon as they got my computer set up, I got the internet going and got going on figuring out their business, by reading their blogs. Then my hand slipped and started reading blogs of yours.

That lead to my revitilization of writing blog posts. As you guys saw the last few weeks, my blog posts went on the reg. I actually wrote almost daily. It was probably drowning some of you, because you are only used to 3-4 from me.

Then things started getting a little exciting. I was told I would get to attend a sales meeting, and then go to a special dinner, and then next night go to a play, and then my sales rep guy was taking me out on some lunch and learns. I’m totally down with one half of that, the lunch, not so much on the learn.

I also got Friday’s off, because I worked 4 10’s. So finally my wife was pretty excited about me getting a big boy job. Then, on Monday I got a call from a person. A person named an Adminstrative Assistant that invited me to come to an interview. I was a little taken back and it was off my radar, because I have a big boy job.

I called her back and said I could come in on Friday, because that was my day off. She agreed and I went in. Totally not caring about it, just doing it with the knowledge that I had a job, and a long list of people that rejected me for jobs. It was in a nice location, in fact, a place I had been to see a job recruiter before. I was completely relaxed and didn’t care what happened. In fact, I didn’t remember applying for them, or even know what the job was.

Then, they happened. They were totally excited to have me there. They were super enthusiastic, and asked me about my background. Social media, blogging, and Facebook marketing. Two things they said almost blew me away and things I had never heard people say in an interview. First was from the VP. He said, “The only downside to you is that you will require two weeks before you can start.” The potential boss said to me, “It warms my heart that you know some of the things we are talking about.” They were super excited about things that I did. Blogging, Social Media, and Facebook.

I left the interview jazzed. It was in a location closer to me, it was a job doing exactly what I like doing and it had some great benefits. The only thing that I was down on was the pay. It was a little less than I was making at my job. If they didn’t get it right, of course, I would turn it down. They said they would call later that day or Monday.

I was freaking out. I told my wife and she was kind of torn. She was excited about my current new job, but then saw this new one was just what I wanted to do. Then, on Monday, they called and offered me the job. And they asked if matching the salary I was making would be enough to get me in. I told him I would think about it.

I totally knew I wanted it right then. I just started a new job two weeks ago, and now I am cheating on the new girlfriend with an even newer girlfriend. I went home, talked with my wife and she said told me to weigh the two options. I knew I wanted the new job, and I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I imagined my new boss, taking an axe to me and chopping me down Freddy style. All morning, I agonized how I was going to tell him. He didn’t get in for two hours after me. I finally attacked him as soon as he got in, asked if I could shut his door and told him.

Talk about burning bridges.

He is a pretty chill dude and took it quite well. He of course didn’t want me to leave, but didn’t bite my head off or chainsaw me.

So long story short, I just started a new new job just this week.

And I had a really awkward two weeks, walking around on eggshells, and hoping that anyone new that found out about it, didn’t tear me a new one.


Bitter Job Hopper Ben


57 thoughts on “I actually hopped

  1. Listen. I’m fucking rolling around like a lunatic reading this…your truths hit me right in the damn trachea. Fucking Freddy style. It’s a comic strip playing out in my head and I’m hoping you don’t mind me finding great humor in this.


    • It’s been a crazy year. I spent from 2001 to 2016 stuck at a job that I didn’t like, decided to move and go to school at the end of 2016, then I was out of a job until May, got a job from three months, then was out of a job from August until mid October. Then I got two jobs within the span of a month. Such a weird year.

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  2. Glad you got a new job, and then a newer job. Maybe you can get a job bidding war going, and just keep attending job interviews asking for higher and higher pay. Meanwhile, have a Bitter-Happy Thanksgiving, Ben.


    • It is just so bizarre to me, because I spent a majority of this year, not being able to get any sort of job. All of a sudden, people want to hire me? Reminds me of my droughts with the ladies, then all of a sudden two would be interested in me.

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