Tis the Season for Being in a Rush Friday Giftures


Thanks the mayhem of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, people are in all kinds of rushes today. That means stores are going to be crowded, streets are going to be crammed and people are going to be cranky. And what better season to be cranky than a season that is promoting peace. So tis the season to be in a rush. While everyone else is trying to be in a rush, I’m in here writing posts, and laying on couches. I hope you guys are happy getting stuff for people that won’t appreciate it. I will be in here writing posts that people won’t appreciate. Maybe tis the season where people just don’t appreciate. Nothing better than raising the BQ (Bitter Quotient). What is the mathematical formula for that? I think it is time over how bitter you get or something. Anyways, enjoy these gifs while I try not to figure that math out.

Love it…

…when even the bus is in too much of a hurry and has to roll their eyes. 

Too much of a hurry to make a shot…

…on his own basket. 

They say don’t fence me in…

…I can see why now. 

Why jump over hurdles…

…when you can ram right through them. 

Guess grandma is drinking…

…too much coffee.

Guess she…

…got his goat. 

She is in a rush…

…to not get candy in this house. 

I can bear-ly…

…handle this guy.

Don’t mess with this girl…

…she will send you back to your grave.

I guess some people…


…aren’t quite ready to be monks. 


…you just have to pool all your resources. 

And it is time to…

…backflip out of here. 

Well, get out of here. I’m in a rush to get out of here. This couch isn’t going to sit on itself.


Bitter Rush Out of Here Ben


20 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Being in a Rush Friday Giftures

  1. It is so nice to have family that is now adult (or ancient) enough not to desire much of anything. And even have a rough rule that gifts, if any, should be consumables so they do not become clutter. There are exceptions, but that means knowing of something genuinely desired or needed – something a rarity.


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