Back for A Bitter New Season


Lost in all the hype of all the new TV shows, football season and hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters, the AP probably didn’t pick this up. But they should have, because bitterness is at all all time high and we need this more than ever now.

For those of you who are old enough on this blog to remember, I used to host the world unfamous television show Bitter News from the Couch. It was a Fake News show before Fake News became a thing. It was a bitter twist on some actual news that took place way too many days ago to be relevant and not near the level of the Onion enough to make anyone laugh or actually think the news happened.

It was on hiatus since 2015, because we (meaning me) didn’t know if we were going to be renewed on the Bitter Entertainment Network(B.E.N.), which I run, and we were hoping that YouTube would pick us up. Well, we finally got word that YouTube will allow it. I also heard back from the Bitter Entertainment Network and they agreed to simulcast it. The people over there are not easy to deal with and always pretending like they are busy, but I finally go through to him. He reluctantly agreed to show us.

So with much further ado, and barely any pleasure, I present to you, Bitter News from the Couch, Season 2.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Season 1, you can still do that, because they could use some views too. They are all located in the link above called cleverly enough, Bitter News from the Couch, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and comment. Or you can be super lazy like I am and just comment here. But that won’t help my YouTube channel you bitter people.


Bitter News From the Couch Ben



10 thoughts on “Back for A Bitter New Season

  1. I’m glad you got the dope on the Kardashian Pizza Scandal. It’s sad to hear that she couldn’t hit her mouth and got most of it on her clothes. Can’t say I’m surprised though, she was probably too busy posing to take the food seriously.


  2. Here is my Bitter Tomatoes review of the Bitter News: Bitter Ben’s steady, droning monologue lends bitter gravitas to the trivial news items reported. For insomniacs seeking to finally catch up on their sleep deficit, this monologue lends just the right tone to mesmerize and induce REM time. The news stories seemed well-researched for a reporter who never leaves a couch. All-in-all, the Bitter News may not keep newsmongers up-to-date with the real world, but it will keep them real bitter.


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