Life’s Little Bitter Annoyances Friday Giftures


It’s not everyday when there are big bitter annoyances that happen like traffic accidents, or annoying co-workers talking to you all day. It’s on those days when you need to search outΒ  for the little things that annoy you. Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the mosquitoes buzzing in your ear, or the hair that is slightly out of place or the Wi-Fi being just sketchy enough to slow your progress down slightly. When the little things start adding up, that is how you become entirely bitter on a regular basis. It’s the little things that count. So with ado, here comes your Bitter Friday Giftures.

When the drive-thru is…

…just out of reach.

Or when you just want to survive the snowstorm…

…and the skiiers are in your way.

When your face is so good at catching…

…the ball.

Those days when you keep everyone safe…

…except yourself.

Or when you become a world class goalie…

…like your hero Scott Sterling.

Or those days when you aren’t included…

…in others pools parties.

Or that time when someone teaches…

…you how to do the nunchucks.

Or those days when co-workers…

…are super helpful.

Or that time when everything seems to be going right…

…until right at the end.

Or that time when you are eating ice cream…

…and brain freeze kicks in.

Or that time you are trying to prank someone…

…and the joke is on you.

Or you are trying to give out your hand…

…and no one even wants that.

Remember it is the little moments in life that will get you through to the bigger moments of bitterness. So get out there and get bitter.


Bitter Little Moments Ben


38 thoughts on “Life’s Little Bitter Annoyances Friday Giftures

  1. Nah, thanks, but I prefer to accept the little annoyances in stride and keep on dancing merrily through life. πŸ˜„ Happy Friday, Ben!


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