Not so cool Friday Giftures

I don’t work at the speed of light. I have a tendency to be slackadaisical from time to time, especially when it comes to people I don’t needing things from me. I take my time to do things mediocrially. But for the most part I get things done within the day that you need it. Apparently, that isn’t the case when it comes to air conditioning. We have been without for almost 3 weeks. In July, for most of the US that is either the hottest or second hottest months. Thankfully, we had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday at 9:30 am, so I figured by the time I got home on Tuesday I would be having to wear a parka it would be so cold at our house. Got a call from the wife at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, and the guy didn’t even show up. He finally got there at 2:00 pm, told us he didn’t have a part, wouldn’t get there until 5 pm. Didn’t end up getting there, told us he would be there early in the morning on Wednesday, and left us sweltering once again. Next day, didn’t show up til 1:30 pm, still didn’t have all the parts, had an “emergency call” that was more important than us apparently, got the downstairs looked at, brought the unit, but didn’t install it. Yesterday again promised to be there at crack of dawn, yet when I came home, he was still out there working on the unit. Thank goodness it wasn’t hot as Hades out there last night. Finally managed to get the unit working by 9:30 pm. Glad it was just in time for bed. That totally warrants a free unit right? Nope, not for me. Anyways, know that that is finally fixed I can finally focus on being bitter about other things. Like Friday Giftures…

I feel you…

…Bruce Lee. 

I think this guy should start a new blog…

…possibly on Tumblr?

That Sprite with it’s carbonation…

…can get quite intense. 

I guess the stop sign was trying to tell her…

…to Stop? 

I hate it when I…

…forget to bring my bike. 

How I felt that last few weeks…

…with the air conditioning. 

Also how I felt the last few weeks…

…without air conditioning. 

I love it…

…when people are so helpful. 

Isn’t it fun to…

…just lay in the sand and make sand castles? 

How I feel when…

…people ask me to smile more. 

Bunch of…

…scaredy cats. 

Wow, this guy was really…

…getting some good air conditioning. 

Like I said, the air conditioning bitterness is over for now, so I will be working really hard (just kidding, I don’t work hard) at finding new and way more interesting ways to be bitter. So look forward to that.


Bitter Air Conditioned Out Ben


16 thoughts on “Not so cool Friday Giftures

  1. I hope your weekend will be as cool as your giftures (hahaha those kitties! All staring at that poor bird and all it takes to break their spell is one single bark).


  2. the man who controls the A/C controls …whatever. I’d finish the thought, but then that takes effort. it’s lunchtime. it’s friday so maybe I ‘ll get to it Monday


  3. He had an emergency call that was more important…means that someone said they would give him more money or told him, “we’re just a bunch of girls sitting around in our bikinis sweltering from the heat and would be so grateful if he would rush right over.”


  4. I’m starting to really look forward to these.

    Thanks for my Friday chuckle.

    Stay bitter, my friend, and have a good weekend.


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