Surprise! Friday Giftures

Surprise parties are kind of the worst. Birthdays are already invaded by other people that never talk to you on Facebook all of a sudden sending you profound birthday messages like, “Happy Birthday!” The rest of the day is either work, or family or friends calling you with some super sweet small talk which drives you up the wall. But surprise birthdays? Now you are stuck with people you either like, barely talk to, or flat out despise. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening for an introvert. When all you wanted to do, was sleep all day and peruse the internet for what you really wanted, instead of all these unreturnable gifts you got. Ughh, well just so you know, I’m making a big change and it is coming soon. But, shhhh it is a surprise. So tune in and maybe I will share this “surprise announcement” soon. Until then, be bitter about these giftures about people being surprised about something or another.

Don’t you love when…

…an invisible force flips your car? 

I guess we know who is stronger…

…between Supergirl and Superman…

And the surprise winner…

…of the low jump is this guy. 

This guy gets some surprise…


Don’t you know cats can’t see glass…

…I know. Isn’t that a pane? 

Sorry, can’t talk…

…something is on TV right now. 

Just taking the vacuum for a spin….

…look like I broke my arm..y. 

Hey, at least she jumped higher…

…than the professional high jumper above. 

We’ve got a bunch of athletes this week…

…especially this state champ in desk destroying.

Love the fact that everything goes wrong here…

…guy kicks someones head, hurts his ankle, but worst of all the volleyball guys have to run and get their ball by themselves. 

Knock, Knock…

…who’s theeee aggghhh….

Wow, the wind feels…

…a little strong today.

Alright, well I know you are wanting to know the surprise as much as I want people to come surprise me for my birthday, but you will have to wait. Quit being so impatient. Freaking people. I swear. Anyways, don’t lose any sleep over it, or lost minutes at work contemplating it. Sooooon….


Bitter Friday Surprise Giftures


22 thoughts on “Surprise! Friday Giftures

  1. I can jump higher than both the professionak high jumper AND that lady! Gosh, I feel so superior right now, I’m going to bask in in for a while 🙂 (I am always so bad at anything sporty).


  2. The best gif was the army guy on the buffer. Didn’t he know that wasn’t going to turn out well? The little kid that got the door opened on his face? Served him right for getting so close to it. I love your Friday giftures.


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