A Flying Flip Friday Giftures


You know when you are on a plane going to an exotic location like Bora Bora or a history filled location like Rome or London and the plane flips over? Yeah me neither. I’ve never been very exotic or have much history. I have been on a plane but usually only to places like South Dakota or Texas. On the other hand, I have seen a plane flip out. Mostly when it gets a little queasy from being afraid of heights. Because his overbearing father was a big corporate jet in the flying industry and forced him into being a flying industry just like his dad. He wanted to be a zookeeper and work with the animals, but his dad insisted. So one day on a short hopper trip to Cleveland, he flipped out. And that is when he started not giving a flying flip. Like me today.

How do you spell…

...I don't care? Yeah me either.

…I don’t care? Yeah me either.

Do you know what is on the menu for this evening?…

...a great heaping dish of I don't care.

…a great heaping dish of I don’t care.

And it appears we have breaking news here on the New Chopper…


…I don’t give a flying flip. 

And let me show you a demonstration…


…of how little I care about what you are saying right now. 

Juuuust sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

...a tale of an I don't care..

…a tale of an I don’t care..here on Gilligan’s IIIIIsle. 

Once upon a time…

...there was a thing and a person and I care less than the fallen snow.

…there was a crystal and a person and I care less than the fallen snow.

And then this one time at band camp…

...there was this sheep and ugghh. don't care.

…there was this sheep and ugghh. don’t care.

So then there was this convention and people were speaking about…


…let me just show you my level of don’t care.

Hey you want to go grab a soda….


…yeah, I don’t really want to either. 

Hey did you hear that they were going to do a new movie about a guy with superpowers…


…ooh tell me all about it…oh wait I can’t hear you… bye.

Please continue to tell me your boring story…

...I can't wait to show you my apatheticness.

…I can’t wait to show you my apatheticness.

Oh you want to talk about things?…


…sorry I gotta go do…things.

So today is going to be a day. Things are going to get real average. Luckily, we’ve taken our medicine, our large dose of apathy and that will get us not caring about anyone or anything at all today. Go do stuff!


Bitter Flying Flipper Ben


40 thoughts on “A Flying Flip Friday Giftures

  1. Great post – love it!

    Please tell me how you get GIFS into a post? I have been trying for ages and keep failing. I am worried its because my blog does not have plug ins. Hope you can shed some light..


    • I have the free WordPress site, so I think they come with the plug ins. I don’t know much about web design, etc. so I’m not sure how to get plug ins, but I would assume that is why you can’t. Other than that, I’m sure you know some people that are really computer saavy and can help you with that?


  2. That’s so funny. Lately, I’ve noticed when watching yet another commentary or pundit on TV, or listening to someone go on and on, I say to myself, “No one cares.” So sick of people who just like to hear the sound of their own voice. Feeling bitter about people who simply won’t shut up.


  3. “So one day on a short hopper trip to Cleveland, he flipped out. And that is when he started not giving a flying flip. Like me today.”

    Well said. And now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go do the stuff.

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  4. Indifference is a sport like bitterness. I enjoy your magnificent apatheticism and hereby award you an all purpose gold medal I stole from the internet, which is worth nothing, which means nothing, and which I know you don’t give a flying rip about. Oh, and let’s not forget the medal will probably just be recalled as defective, because everything in the universe seems to be defective these days. It’s a wonder any of us are still alive. Cheers. Oh, and the medal is here: http://www.fda.gov/ucm/groups/fdagov-public/documents/image/UCM504246.jpg

    ~DM (Defective Man, I suppose)


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