My Bitter Guest Post on Suzie’s Speaks



I know your Sunday is super busy filled with activities such as laying around, getting ready for brunch at 11 am and hanging out on your 40 foot yachts, but I’m going to ask you to interrupt your super important plans and spare a square of your time and ask you to run(or walk or Sunday Drive) your way over to Suzie Speaks blog, because she has a very bitter Guest Poster, doing a Guest Post about a very serious and very important subject: Puns.

I know you will probably need to reblog and repost it on all your social media networks, so you too can spread this important subject before you lose your wi-fi on your yacht. It will probably take precedent over all the important news of the day, like the RNC/DNC, the Olympics and other important news, so make sure you get on the ground floor of this very important subject and be the first one to spread it.

Oh, I guess I should probably give you the link. And have a bitter Sunday, because I will as always.

Bitterly Yours,


Bitter Guest Post Ben


35 thoughts on “My Bitter Guest Post on Suzie’s Speaks

  1. Congrats on your guest post and I made sure to read it! Hilarious 🙂

    Oddly enough, I had my own trick for meeting boys: I’d carry around a little bouncy ball and “accidentally” bounce it near some guy. The guy would uncontrollably have to bounce it back and conversation would ensue.

    Not nearly as difficult as on-the-spot punning, but also very successful


    • Yeah, those were good times trying to meet people and get dates. It was so much harder when I lost my wingman.
      I do like your way of doing it. Kind of clever.
      So how is the house thing going? I had no idea how hard this selling the house thing was going to be. We’ve had three offers, two that didn’t go through, a bitter inspection that made us utterly depressed and we are still working on selling the dang thing. I can’t take much more of this thing. We just want to accidentally set this thing on fire and then we can get the money for it, and we wouldn’t have to move any of our stuff, just claim all the stuff on insurance and have it all shipped to us.

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      • Ugh, it’s incredibly stressful for us too. Someone made us an offer, but didn’t want to do it on contingency, and then we finally had an offer accepted, but our buyers pulled out…

        We bid over on a couple houses, but they don’t like contingencies… Argh! So we’re scrambling to get out house sold so we don’t have to drop the one we want to buy.

        Ugh, it was so much easier when we were coming from an apartment!


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