56 thoughts on “Air Bitter N Bitter

  1. I’m truly appalled that Cyndi (my imaginary stalker) and I travel to Hawaii when I could have hopped on the Sounder Train and stayed at your Bitter BnB. What a waste of money on my part.


  2. Now, I have to make a list of most-annoying-people around me and send them to your BnB. I hope you are a good host and take good *wink-wink” care of them.

    By the way , we have beautiful monsoons here !


  3. This is a reminder of why I never really enjoyed family vacations. Renting out to vacationers – that sounds much worse. But I can see where you’re going with this. Why not share our bitterness with others and make some extra money at the same time?


    • Hey, Air Bitter and Bitters bring used chewing gum to you. No need to visit the wall. And besides, wouldn’t you rather be stuck in traffic to go view a protest instead of going to a gum wall or viewing a fish throwing?


  4. That sounds awful. Completely awful. You could really make a killing by visiting THE MOST boring places on Earth (Dayton, Ohio) and reporting on each one and what each one doesn’t have to offer.


  5. Makes me bitter that I am not planning to stay at an air bitter and bitter next week when I go on vacation to a HOT, SUNNY, HUMID (and occasionally rainy) BEACH even further south than where I live in Florida. I am going to hang out with family who I too rarely see — in part because I get up early, they get up late, I avoid the sun, they worship it, I go to bed early, they go to bed late. I’m kind of bitter that I am giving up work for this. But now I am more bitter because you are having such a wonderfully bitter vacation in Seattle.


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  7. Ben, your blog reads like a travel brochure and you could be my travel agent. Thanks for confirming my reasons for having reservations about ever going to Seattle. Although the coffee there is much hyped, I can buy really good coffee from the store 2 miles from home, and then drive back home, a whole lot quicker than from there. If I want rain and musty aromas I can go to my car which has a leak somewhere that’s letting the rain in my carpets. Mmmm, musty-stale-freshness! As for staying at your BNB, the travel cost of going home is less if I don’t travel away, so I’m saving more and enjoying myself less from here. I could sell tickets to my own place, but the freeloader kids who have taken up residence would resent and bemoan my renting “their” rooms in my house, so you get a couch. You all can come to my bunker, but I’ll need you to bring copious alcohol and mow the mosquito, rodent, and weed-ridden lawn as payment for the accommodations. My travel slogan: It’s just as depressing as Seattle!

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    • That sounds like the perfect location for a summer vacation of bitterness. Just like I promise to people coming to stay at my Bitter n Bitter. Maybe we will have multiple terrible locations around the world that people don’t want to visit and charge exorbitant prices?

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        • I like the idea of beautiful pictures, and bait and switch, the view is obscured by the brick wall adjacent the vacation home. Or, you just missed it, the whatever it was was just mowed down, or demolished, and replaced with a parking lot. Welcome to “paved paradise!” Which is just what they do around here.


        • There is all kinds of possibilities. Another commentor just got me thinking that the best customers would be people that have a list of people they don’t like and they can refer them to our Air BNB’s and we could make it a miserable vacation for them as well as making money and them getting revenge on their bitter enemies.


  8. Who goes to the Seattle area for summer vacay?? It sounds like people should run out of there during the summer, not drag themselves there. Your vacations sounds fun compared to mine, though. I wrote this post last year, but this summer’s been exactly the same depressing way, and even worse I think. Sooooo, have a great summer y’all!


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