Dancing with the Comets Friday Giftures


Just when you thought Dancing with the Stars was running out of low level”talent” for their popular show, they resurrected themselves by finding and even less talented pool of people to mine new dancers from. They decided to spin off the show and call it Dancing with the Comets. Comets are people so barely on the radar of TV that they may have been on a commercial once “in the background”, or an extra in a movie, a peripheral character in a You Tube video, or a 15th man on an NBDL basketball team. You may have accidentally been on camera more than these folks. Please put your hands together once and make a sarcastic clap for the newest dancers on the BEN Network. Welcome Dancing with the Comets!

Our first contestant is the guy….

We have this

…who kind of looks like Drake, but is not at all him dressed up as some nerdy guy. 

And our guest judge Adam Levine says…



Next on the docket we have...

...another guy that looks like Drake and some rando that looks like John Travolta.

…another guy that looks like Drake and some rando that looks like John Travolta.

Survey says…

Ohhhhh...looks completely bored.

Ohhhhh…looks like they would rather commit napicide than watch you dance anymore. 

Our next person with barely any light in their eyes(cause you can’t even see them)…

...is this guy with his sitting still dance.

…is this guy performing the “just sit there”.


...say a big fat NO!

…give you a No out of 10. 

And what disaster will the universe provide us next…

...a this guy, doing the ice cream macarena.

…this guy, doing the ice cream samba next to his mama. 

Judges, can I have you final answer…

...and it's a finger

…and it’s a finger telling us that she has lost her voice, or that she become a wiper blade on a car, I’m not sure which. 

And the next contestant on the Dance is Wrong Is…

...the lady with the

…M!!! Show us what you don’t have! 

Judge Judies, can you tell us what your decision is…


…and it’s three sarcastic perfect thumbs up from our judge! 

And our last dancer on This Show is Really Dumb… 


…is a couple performing the Throw and Ditch Dance. 

Judge can you give a score for these two?…

...oooh and it becomes all about the judge and not the dancing. Well, they slowly back away...

…oooh and it becomes all about the judge and not the dancing. Well, they slowly back away…

Well, I’m afraid that is all the time we have for this wreck of a show. Mostly because there is a real comet heading directly toward the studio…Um, I really don’t have time to talk anymore. Well, I do have a moment more because we aren’t going anywhere. So my last word of bitter wisdom to you is…


Bitter Dancing with the Comets Ben


36 thoughts on “Dancing with the Comets Friday Giftures

  1. I wuzz gonna post sumthing snidedly, but(t) 4 awl eye no, ’tis the wave of the so-cauld(ron) feeyootcherr, and what will be is becoming while time slipz back-of-werdz and some of uss have fallen awph but iff there’s a point, that’s it.


  2. I haven’t watched it in a really long time. The only dancing show I watch is so you think you can dance but even that is beginning to be a bit repetitive. This year is called the next generation. So it’s more for kids to be encouraged to dance.


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t encourage you watching Dancing with the Stars. I would encourage more of a Dancing with the Comments on the Bitter Entertainment Network. It’s really fun to binge watch the disaster that is that show.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s terrible. I’ve only watched episodes in passing when my wife can’t find anything else on. It is the worst. But a show that I put on my Bitter Network about these terrible dancers. That would be awesome.


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