We got robbed Bitter Giftures of the week


You know the feeling, whether it is when you are up for a raise or if your favorite team loses on a terrible call by the refs. Getting robbed is a way of life and it happens all the time, especially when you expect something to happen and you always want justice to prevail. As you know from your parents or some wise mentor or teacher, that life isn’t always fair. So when it comes to getting what you want, it always feels like you are the gas station attendant who has a gun pulled on them. So it’s up to you to decide: Do you use your ninja moves on the thief, or do you let him take your money and complain bitterly about it after he leaves, like I would. Either way, your response will make for a good gifture, so let’s see some.

When getting robbed…



…it’s always best to prepare your heart to be crushed.

When your house is worth way less than your payments toward them…


…you might feel like you are drowning in cat.

When you are robbed…


…it might feel like you are losing your shirt…and your pants.

When you feel like you didn’t get what you deserved for Christmas….



…you might have fight…for your right…to p resent.Β 

When getting robbed…


…sometimes you need to learn ninja lessons..from Baby Ninja.

You know you are getting robbed when this guy...


…isn’t rolling in his yellow Bumblebee.

You know you didn’t win the genetic lottery…


…when even mime walls cause you to fall.

Nice try mom you didn’t scare us…


…hooooly crap where is mom?

I’m gonna just sneak under this gate, and drive silently by…


…right into the accident I deserved to get in.

Oh my gosh it’s my last day on the job…


…I’m gonna teach the new guy the trust faaaaalllll.

Okay we’re gonna pack some snacks, some clothes…


…wait where is mom? Oh, there she is. Put her in the overhead bin.

When preparing a fine fish meal…


…don’t forget about Nemo’s Revenge.

It’s been a long week for you, I’m sure. Not me, because I was on vacation and mostly did naps, but you all probably thought you were getting robbed. And that feeling is the worst, most bitter feeling in the world. So get out there and rob someone. Of their time, or their food, or their friendship, or just take this literally and go rob a bank. Whatever you do, make sure they know it was me who told you to do it. Because if you don’t give me credit, I will feel like I got robbed.


Bitter Robert A. Bankington Ben


25 thoughts on “We got robbed Bitter Giftures of the week

  1. I felt seriously robbed this week after finding out Friday I didn’t get something I wanted that I prepared for, for HOURS….I mean literally hours. Cried for hours. Sometimes the “robbed” feeling is a feeling that folks don’t believe in you and don’t want to take a chance on you. And that is pretty soul sucking.


  2. My sister was robbed. It’s no fun, and I’d like the people who did it to meet the same fate as the car hitting the cement truck.

    Continue to be bitter, Ben. Some days nothing is as satisfying as a bitter laugh.


  3. I’m off today escaping from my headset and customer service. But here I am at the vision center waiting to get glasses and their phone is ringing off the hook. One girl is doing EVERYTHING while six co-workers stand around doing nothing. How ironic that I sit here watching and listening….I got robbed on my day off. WTF? I’m bitter Lennon signing off Arrrrrgh


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