Bitterly Depressing Friday Giftures


Yesterday was so depressing. Some weirdos in Florida and California took my winning lottery tickets from me, my idol and hero who played all the best villains, Alan Rickman died(Hans Gruber AND Snape. Two of the most bitter guys in cinema.) and once again my book didn’t get published.  Some say you should actually have organized words all down on a piece of paper or a computer file in order to get a book published, but why should I do all the work? Isn’t that what publishers and editors are supposed to do? How are they supposed to make any money if aren’t coming to me demanding that they get the opportunity to publish my unorganized words? In honor of the the depressingness that was yesterday and the future depressingness of today in that I am not chowing down on my Friday pizza right now, let’s take a look at some moving giftures of other people, places and things being depressed.

Uggghhh, already, I can see…


…this post is turning out to be garbage.

 Another depressing cat video…


…this is a catastrophe.

Oh, oh, oh, here we go, another guy that’s gonna fall on his face….


…ugh, what a bitter disappointment.

Ooh, ooh, maybe this kid will cry if…


…we put some brown stuff on our faces.  Uhh, what is the brown stuff?

Oh yeah, entitled kid getting whatever she wants…


…let’s all Rapunzel our hair down.  What? These are characters from Frozen? Well they don’t look very Frozen to me…  

Wow, some people are pretty dumb…


…like for instance this guy that voluntarily put pants on…

The most depressing part of this gif…


…is that they are having an actual graduation for a kindergartner. He gets one for passing advanced naptaking? If that’s the case, where’s my doctorate?

Oh, my gosh, I feel so bad…


…for that car.  Do you see how many rednecks are surrounding it? 

Now let’s just stop horsing around…


…or someone is going to get flattened.

I know Judge Judy…


…my eye rolls exactly.

Exactly what happens to me..


…when I get to work.

And what happens…


…when I try to leave work on Friday. 


Alright that’s enough depression for one week.  Now If we could just go back to being bitter, that would be great.



Bitter Depression Ben











55 thoughts on “Bitterly Depressing Friday Giftures

  1. I especially love the cat, horse, and Judge Judy gifs! “And these are a few of my favorite things” (sung to the tune of My Favorite things from the Sound of Music!) Nice, you made me smile!


  2. Whoever thought about putting the dog in a tarantula costume deserves to be slapped in the face, and then given an award. I would probably crap myself if that ever happened to me, and I’m not too afraid of spiders. Well, normal, non-dog-sized, spiders…


  3. I’ve been eating my emotions. Now there’s no food in the house and my husband seems to think I should go to the store. Bu that requires me to get odd the couch – fact which stresses me out, making me want to eat even more. My cats are looking pretty tasty right now….


    • Well if anything gets me out of depression, it is the misfortune of others falling. I keep telling me son to fall down, but he won’t wait for me to film it. Which means my gifture company is off to a rocky start.


  4. I’m sure I have a multi-million dollar novel somewhere in here. If only I could do a direct upload from my brain to a publisher’s computer. *Raises wand in silence for Alan Rickman’s passing.*


  5. Hahaha! It was a depressing week. But these gifs made me laugh.
    Hey, Ben. You need to stop by my blog to learn how to change a setting to bring more readers to your blog. I’m commenting from the reader!!!!


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