The Bitter Journey through Google Search

My version of an inspirational quote.

My version of an inspirational quote.

One of my bitter enemies, “The Inspirational Philosopher”, the ones that wake up every morning and look at their face in the mirror and repeat mantra’s like “This is going to be a great day”, and “What inspirational thing can I learn from all the stupid mistakes I made yesterday?” start their days journey in a number of ways.  They think good thoughts, they eat good breakfasts, they read inspirational things, they watch uplifting shows.  Their main purpose in life is to look every single challenge in the face and take something good out of it.

The main arrow in their quiver dipped in Kryptonite is the inspirational quote.  They plaster them all over twitter, Facebook, even plaster inspirational quotes Instagram. Any situation they are in, they can pull out a quote to make you feel worse about yourself (though to them it seems to be helping). Whether they are at work or school or the gym or the grocery store, shoot you in the face with their stupid quotes.

Something like, “Every journey begins with the first step”.  In the same vein, every Google search begins with pretty much every thought ever.  Like when you are watching the Golden Globes and you see someone that looks familiar, so you type IMDB in Google, because you are too lazy to type .com and then you find the actor.  But the Google prompt comes up with a word that you find interesting and you go search them, then that leads you to remember that you needed to look something up for your school project, then to a click bait thing at the bottom of the website and all of a sudden you are reading “10 Stars Who Have Aged Horribly and you won’t Believe #6” and ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut(not that there is anything wrong with that) even though you just ate dinner and you can’t remember what you were originally searching for.

How did I end up here again?

How did I end up here again?

It’s like this epic journey that began with a single step(the actor’s name) lead you to stuffing your face with Pizza Hut.  Does this mean I have ADD? Does it mean that the internet really is the Matrix leading you to a decision, while simultaneously making you think it was your choice to order pizza? Or does it just mean that all things lead to me having pizza?

If you think about the population of the world (or universe) as the internet and each of us is a single website and we are all connected somehow, does that mean that Google is the great deity in the sky that is trying to connect us all (and what does that make Bing)? Does that mean that all of us could be connected directly, by just clicking a simple link? Is Facebook like our family where we simultaneously so comfortable that we go to them all the time, and on the other hand want to quit them at the same time? And are click-bait things at the bottom of websites people that are toxic(or talks-ic) to us? Do we move on from people as quickly as we do websites? What is it about the web that makes it so easy to start and so hard to quit?  Why does the journey of Google get us so off the rails sometimes? What does all this mean?

Since walking on a trail to Mordor with a ring will never be my journey, maybe the World Wide Web is my journey to figure out. Thankfully this journey can be done on the couch with ability to order pizza.

What am I supposed to learn from all this? And what metaphors do you take from this?


Bitterly Long Journey Ben


37 thoughts on “The Bitter Journey through Google Search

  1. the big bang started the bitter world and the bing bang started the virtual world I guess. I hate inspirational quotes. I dont read them I dont follow them. I dont pass them on. In short, I just ignore them. you bitterness just gave me inspiration (ironically) to write a new blog. 🙂


    • I kind of wish I got slammed into the virtual world instead of this one. Endless amount of life, infinite energy, fun adventures, no boring jobs (unless you get inserted into the Sims).
      And inspirational quotes drive me up the wall.

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  2. I sense great bitterness in you, Ben. When one relaxes into the present, you experience perfect freedom, perfect peace and perfect love. Release your questions, because within you is the power to release yourself and live abundantly in the present moment.


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