Hospital Bitterness

I totally believe you.

But when will you be with the victims handler?

I may or may not have recently visited the hospital recently.  I think some people love them, because they help save lives or help sick people or other important jobs like that.  I get that hospitals don’t make much money, because they charge so little for their services.  I have heard from a reliable source that someone was once charged $1400 for some nipples for a bottle.  Really cheap right?

That is so not what makes me so bitter.   What annoys me is the fact that they spent all their time, resources, and energy on the patient.  What about the sad, pathetic, and completely overlooked people that wait for those sick people? The victim’s handler? They are dying too…of boredom.  They are sick too… of waiting.   Why can’t hospitals spend any money on the real victims?  Where is the budget for the entertainment?  There is no waiting room with a 60 inch screen HD Plasma that hangs on the wall with an Xbox, Wii or Playstation options?  Where is the 3D Imax surround sound movie theater?  Where is the 5 star restaurant with the valet service?  Or where is the race track where we can test drive the newest Lamborghini?  Or an amusement park with several of the world’s largest rollercoasters?  And a mall sized gift shop?  I mean how is a bored person supposed to pass the time?

Here is another bitter thing about the hospital.  The food is the worst.  I mean I haven’t tasted something that bad since I went to Olive Garden.  How do they expect us to eat that stuff? I mean sure the sandwiches are way better than Subways(what subs aren’t?), and the filet mignon is much better than Ruth Chris’s steakhouse and the caviar is average at best, so how do they expect us to eat this garbage?  And the worst part is that they allow the patient to eat for free, but the people that wait for them, have to pay.  Why?  They are in just as much pain as the patient or probably even more.

And how about the drugs?  There is morphine and percocet and other uppers and downers and painkillers.  All available in the hospital by the bagful.  Readily available to the patient anytime they need it for their pain and suffering.  But let’s say that the faithful companion has just a little headache.

Me to the nurse(totally hypothetical): “I have a large headache from waiting in this tiny room.  The surgery was supposed to be 3 and 1/2 hours ago and my behind is melded to this chair.  Could I just get an aspirin?  Maybe an Aleve?”

Nurse: “I’m sorry, but unfortunately, we are not allowed to give you an aspirin.  You are not a patient here.  ‘It’s illegal.’  We can’t be liable. You know insurance reasons. But you can go a couple of miles away down the dirt road and there is a nice little drug store that you could buy one from.  They are only $5 a pill.”

Me(not hypothetical at all):  “Hospitals make me so bitter.”  😐


Bitter Ben


30 thoughts on “Hospital Bitterness

  1. It has always been a point of curiosity for me that despite the supposed mission of hospitals I doubt that anyone could truly achieve a healthy state by eating the stuff they substitute for food.


    • Actually the food is pretty good at our hospital too. I mean let’s be honest, food is our life. And confession too, I wrote this one like three years ago, and sometimes when I can’t think of anything to write I will just update an old post that almost no one read. This just happened to be one I liked and no one was reading me at the time. My wife just had her gall bladder removed, but it took them a little while to figure it out. And I kept thinking, this is good for her, she is getting the royal treatment, the drugs, the good food, and I’m here sitting in this same room, but no one cares about my comfort, or my boredom, etc, so this little rant came from it.

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  2. I remember when my girlfriend had a particularly painful abscess and was prohibited from eating or drinking before a minor surgery to reduce the growth. After being there for about 10 hours and continued nurse inspections where we were reassured about the surgery taking place soon, it wasn’t until around midnight that we were informed that it wasn’t going to take place yet and that she may as well eat. Bloody hate hospitals!


    • Yeah, they are pretty much the worst. I remember asking for a Tylenol (which I’m sure they had roomful of) but they couldn’t give one to me, because they couldn’t bill me $300 dollars for something that they got for free from a drug company.

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  3. Actually, my take is the exact opposite. ie that when someone you care about is in the hospital, you shut down. Totally. Forget to eat, drink, think, sleep, till you hear the magic words- they can go home. then you explode. buy baloons for them, and the nurses, kiss everyone in sight. It makes a nurse’s day. Although a lot of them would really prefer a coupon for a good pizza for them and the others on the shift. still loving your work, Ben.


    • Yeah. Ours gives us free parking for 1 hour. Just long of the amount that you need for an appointment. And if you need to spend 24 hours a day there, don’t count on getting out of there for any less than a cool grand.


  4. You are perfectly right about all aspects of hospital neglect of the companion or family of the victime. But you missed completely the bitterness you feel when your family member is set free from the clutches of the hospital and staff – and is not better! Or is even worse! These hospitals charge an arm and a leg (literally) for the “care” they provide, then then send the patient home with a deadly disease and don’t believe them when they come back and say they’re ill. That’s what makes me really bitter – becuase then you have to care for them since the evil hospital won’t. Bitter? You betcha!


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