Messy Freaking Friday Giftures

Let Friday Slideday commence.

Don’t bless this mess.

My desk is a mess, my car is a mess, my clothes are a mess.  Even Pigpen thinks I’m a mess.  Life is messy that is for sure, but none more than mine.  In fact, my hair is so tired of the mess my brain is, that the sides spike out just so they won’t have to be near my brain.  I do my worst to keep a messy desk at work, because I’m too lazy to clean.  But the biggest mess is my life.  For more messes than you can possibly imagine, see below.


When it comes to buying jewelry don’t have too high of expectations… might get your hand stuck or some other big mess.

…it can mess with your head.


When biking…

don't mess with physics or big plastic bubbles.

don’t mess with physics or big plastic bubbles.


Hold onto your drinks people…

...cause traffic is a mess today.

…cause traffic is a mess today.


It’s almost Halloween… should learn to never mess with Reapers.

…so be prepared to mess with the Reaper.


I have a feeling…

...this mad cow is going to leave a mess.

…this mad cow is going to leave a mess.


I guess…

...he needs more iron.

…this guy needs more iron.


 This guy is a multitasker…

...he both messed with this guy, then clean up a mess.

…he both messed with this guy, then cleaned up a mess.



This train stop…


…may just have messed with this guy’s dream…and spinal cord.


You learn from the best…

...on how to make a mess.

…on how to make a mess.


This is what you get…

...for messing up your bed.

…for messing up your bed.


When playing dodgeball…

...don't mess with this guy.

…make the first pick, or be prepared to mess with this guy.


Alright, I’m done messing with all this…

...I'm gonna bounce.

…I’m gonna bounce.



Bitter Messed Up Ben






48 thoughts on “Messy Freaking Friday Giftures

  1. Did half of my comment get erased???
    Because I totally wrote more after putting the winkey-face in there. It’s not showing up where it says it’s awaiting moderation.
    Stupid WordPress.


  2. Is that called a wink? If it isn’t, it should be.
    You sneak all sorts of little things everywhere, don’t you? (Is that fitting for making a mess?)
    I have to be honest – I wouldn’t have put that together if you hadn’t told me it was supposed to be a wink. I DID see it earlier, but I can’t even blame the lack of association on that (being half-asleep). I CAN blame me not remembering it was there until I saw it again on me not being awake.
    Nice one though. 😉 .>


  3. Still trying to figure out the bubble thing. Don’t understand. Was that what he was INTENDING to do? Well, I guess you couldn’t know that for sure. But what do you think?
    That dude playing dodgeball was super cool. I wouldn’t want to play him. Then again, I don’t want to play dodgeball at all, so there’s that . . .
    (Sorry if this sounds as incoherent as I currently am.)
    But YAY! It’s FRIDAY! Just today left of work for you! 🙂


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