The Bitter Realm Part 1

Cause I wanted to let you read all at once.

Ben's Bitter Blog

sdfI’m joining this realm soon.

After much contemplation (day dreaming at work) and coming to realization that I can’t stand anyone anymore, I have decided that I have had enough of this realm.  This earth has too much gravity (it’s always holding me down) and the trees (with their fancy leaves and their condescending looks from above)have ruled here too long. I’m defecting.  I can’t stand the day to day grind.  I keep doing the same thing over and over.  I keep eating food every day, I keep fighting the same traffic every day, I keep fixing the same mistakes of other people every day, I keep listening to the same whiners on the phone every day, I keep writing the same blog post every other day.  I have decided to defect.  Therefore, I have decided to embrace my pixely side.  Goodbye earth, hello world of video games.  As soon as I finish this paragraph, I’m going…

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