Bitter Worlds Colliding Gifs

It’s Friday the 13th today and you know what that means.  Yep.  Time for some Friday Giftures.  There have been a lot of collisions this week.  The NBA Finals have been a collision of a team that largely depends on one person and a team that likes to share.  The World Cup is starting which means there is a collision between the entire world being excited, except for one, the USA, who is more excited about a golf tournament than the world’s most popular sport, by far.  There was E3, which to the video game nerds of the world (me) is the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and the NBA Finals of Video Games, colliding to get in line to play a paint ball game, but on TV, not in real life.  And then, the biggest clash of all, the one that almost no one will be watching, my son will be going to the Super Bowl, of the Renton City Kindergarten Flag Football League.  Kids will stand around.  Other kids will run the wrong way.  Flags will be ignored.  IT WILL BE THE GAME OF THE HOUR!  TUNE IN ON NO STATION EVER TO SEE THE EPIC BATTLE OF KIDS THAT DON’T CARE! SEE THEM VIE FOR A SNACK AT HALFTIME! SEE THEM…NEED TO GO TO POTTY IN THE PIVOTAL MOMENTS!  SEE THEM COLLIDE TO GET OUT OF THE STADIUM! And see some Friday Giftures of people colliding.


See a pillow and a girl…

break through the fourth wall.

…break through the fourth wall.



See a man do the impossible…

...a dunk even

…with the help of only four friends, a trampoline, and gym mat.


See a man…

...kicking his shoes off at the end of the day.

…kicking his shoes off at the end of the day.


See a dancer…

...twirl for enternity.

…make the earth spin.


See a man…

...allude the cops with two buckets on his head.

…elude the cops with two buckets on his head.


See a dinosaur…

...embarass his kind more than Jurassic Park.

…embarass his kind more than Jurassic Park III.


See a crab…

...overcome huge odds to escape a tire...only to be eaten by a seagull moments later.

…overcome huge odds to escape a tire…only to be eaten by a seagull moments later.


See me… collide with Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and....

…collide with Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and….


See a girl…

...kick a soccer ball with her face.

…kick a soccer ball with her face.


See a cat… lazy and still be a menace.

…somehow be a menace and be lazy at the same time.  (must of learned from me.)


See a soccer player…

...miraculously recover from a season ending injury.

…miraculously recover from a season ending injury.


Let’s hope that you run in’s with Friday the 13th are as embarrasing and life changing (for the bitter).  If they just so happen to be, and you just so happen to have recorded them, please email me the evidence so I can take a closer look at your pain.  In a totally unrelated note, you could be featured in my blog someday(yeah, your lucky day).


Bitter stubbing my toe Ben




45 thoughts on “Bitter Worlds Colliding Gifs

  1. The cat-o-copter was hi-feline-larious. Some people perform miracles by taking water and turning it into Kool-Aid. I take lemonade and turn it into lemonade…


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  3. This makes me feel better. I came out of this past weekend with a bung knee that’s swollen up like a ball.. something in between a tennis ball and a basket ball… kinda like one of those giant novelty tennis balls. Having to wait for three days to see a physio certainly didn’t make anything better… although having to perform on it for almost 2 hours straight probably didn’t do me any favours. So now I’m just tired and cranky. I’m a bit over this whole icing my knee every couple of hours to reduce the swelling and taking fist-fulls of anti-inflammatory tablets. I want it to just be better. Until then, I’ll continue hating everybody and everything. Except this blog. This blog makes me happy.

    I live for the bitterness.


  4. 1.) Any “organized” sport that involves kindergartners… is the most lovable-frustrating entertainment there is.
    2.) As all the GIFs met my expectations for the week – the one I laughed out loud to was the soccer one. Anyone (other than my child) getting hit in the face with a ball – is funny. Blocking a goal – while getting hit in the face? She can’t even be that embarrassed. Win/Win?


    • 1) I found that out this “season”. My kid is super athletic for his age, but he is so oblivious that he stands around doing helicopters when he should be running the ball. I love watching him watch others on his team play.
      2) I added a few extras for the soccer loving crowd for their World Cup. In the meantime, we know what the real football is, The Vikings.


  5. Better than AFV, specially since Bob Saget (why do we rhyme this w/ the bad word instead of pronouncing it Sah-Jhay, like we’re French?) is nowhere to be seen. Probably bc your blog is actually viewed, and he can’t be on it unless he’s relevant. In any event, that dinosaur is on the same drugs as you’re first commentor–medically stoned. And in defense of the boy swinging the pillow, I think he was only trying to knock down that awful Hobby Lobby train border on the wall. Who can blame him? She shouldn’t have had her eyes glued to the iPod anyway.


  6. See a woman turn 55, go to yoga… then twist her back.. leading her to a doctor’s office to get medically stoned… because,because,because,because, beCAUSE… you started it! (okay… you probably didn’t start all of it, but i will never know for sure, because i read this while medically stoned… which is not a way of life for me… thus, a collision… that’s too funny for bitterness… well shit.. that’s another collision……. ) horribly pleasant, this medically-guided bitterness, though. i suppose that’s a collision, too. is this fatal, this continuous colliding? wait. what did you say?


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