In case you missed it…Cause you were busy ignoring me all week

Thanks for ignoring me.  I didn't want to talk to you anyways.

Thanks for ignoring me. I didn’t want to talk to you anyways.

This week I spent a lot time and effort writing words and putting pictures on this blog in order to make sure people were completely ignoring me and they didn’t disappoint.

First, I typed some nonsensical words about Lego’s and the Lego Movie and how they are so stupid, that they are only good for stepping on and not going to the movie.  I was completely and bitterly right about all of it.  Some 95% of the critics got it wrong on Rotten Tomatoes and $69.1 million dollars worth of people got it wrong at the box office.  It is a bitter life I live being right all the time when so many people choose to not listen to me.  Whatever.

Then there was the whole Revenge thing that I work so hard at.  In fact, sometime I go out of the way to goad people into getting mad at me so I can get mad at them so I can get revenge.  It’s all very complicated and I would explain it to you if I could understand it myself.  Just know that I will get revenge on all of you someday for some reason, just because.  So feel free to be proactive and make me bitterly mad, or just sit on the couch and wait for it to come to you.  You’ll all get your turn.  And you will hear lot of evil laughs when it happens.

Bitter Twitters. There was mayyyy….be 1 bitter tweet last week.  Well, if you don’t like it, then go ahead and follow my twitter.  At least my tweets won’t be clogging up your twitter feed with Olympic updates and pictures of your toast (cause I don’t know where you live, obviously):

People commented on those few things I wrote last week for some reason:

On Lego Bitterness:

“Oh God. You are so right. Although my son is a very bright child, he has miserable visual spatial perception (as do I). Needless to say, the only thing Legos are good for are building weird abstract versions of modern skyscrapers. So you can imagine my poor guy’s disappointment when, for his birthday, he receives Lego Star Wars sets rather than just good old fashioned Star Wars toys. I mean, way to torture a kid.” quirknjive

“They are painful in many ways and require a degree in engineering and patience, neither of which I possess. My sons have outgrown them yet they continue to linger like the Axe Body Spray one of them is so fond of. Very funny and bitter post. (sorry if this is a duplicate – the original disappeared.” Diane

On The Revenge of the Gifitures:

“School is cancelled today bc it is 25 degrees. No snow, no ice. Just cold. So my son is home, and I had to call him in here to see all these great gifs (gifts essentially). We sound like a couple of Homer Simpsons, watching them. DOH!”  Kerbey

“I wish I had a cat that would do that. I might buy one just to train it for the drawer trick.” rynolexson

Then just because you guys are so good at ignoring posts, I’m going post some more gifs for you to ignore.


Ignore these dolls at your own risk…


And now I’m off to ignore you..

And now I'm off to ignore you...

and I’m not going to even get out of bed to do it…



Bitter Ignorage Ben

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