Bitter Picture of the Week – Valentine’s Day

For those of you out there who are passive aggressive, let the bittersweets say it for you.  I am particulary fond of the U C my blog heart.

For those of you out there who are passive aggressive, let the bittersweets say it for you. I am particulary fond of the U C my blog heart.  Photo courtesy of


Photo also courtesy of  But you probably guessed that.  Because you are smart and proactive.  Unlike me.


I’m usually not a very proactive person. When it comes to doing things, I usually don’t.  But, since I am passionate about Valentines’ Bitterness,  I have made an exception for my Bitter Photo of this week. Valentine’s Day is coming and there is no bitterer holiday than that. It has to do with thinking about others and caring, flowers, candy and restaurant reservations. That is something I am definitely not pro active about.

Since 90% of the people I know either feel forced to do something on that day, don’t celebrate it all, or are bitter because they are single and have to hear a bunch of diamond commercials, I have found a special gift you can give to them.  Head on over to, which has become such a big inspiration to me in my life and buy your self (or a bitterquaintence) either some Dumped Bittersweets or some Dejected Bittersweets. Either way, you will feel more bitter and that is good for business (of my blog.)

I’m just bitter that I didn’t think of these first because money.

Bittermint Ben


33 thoughts on “Bitter Picture of the Week – Valentine’s Day

  1. Love gives me nothing to be bitter about, but I adore the humor. I would actually order a tin of the candies just to give my sweetie-boy and me yet another thing to laugh about.


  2. Thank you for reminding me what I need to order! is one of my favorite haunts, but I totally forgot the bittersweets. Three orders, coming right up. I’m thinking… dejected for my siblings, dumped for me. 😉


  3. Pass the bitterness around huh? I hated V-day when we stopped handing out those paper Valentines (but I should have hated it then too because we were basically telling every person in the class that we liked them, when we clearly did not), in high school I hated it because as you said I was single and bitter… I can admit it. I think Valentine’s Day is only supposed to be awesome when you are in high school, young in love, and stupid. Then I got a boyfriend by some miracle and his bestfriend died on V-day so he was always MIA that holiday and now Mike and I have done one holiday with the roses and the chocolates and that apparently and agreeably was enough. What a stupid holiday.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH check this out!4991426011%2Cn%3A3250697011%2Cn%3A3311044011&sort=-price&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-4&pf_rd_r=12HY3BWTWPP2KEEF2AZQ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1447425742&pf_rd_i=3250697011

    That is the suggestion that amazon has for someone to buy the guy they love… Yeahhhhhhhhhhh I am never ever getting someone a signed Babe Ruth baseball, unless that someone is me and it’s from a credible source.


    • I can relate. I was the one who got the extra cards left over in elementary school. Why the hell the teacher didn’t just stamp “reject!” on them is a mystery. Best valentine’s day was the time I got flowers (dozens of roses) from my husband and my boyfriend, making everyone in the office seethe–some over moral issues, some over jealousy, and others over the fact that the low person on the totem pole was getting all the good stuff. Flowers die, candy gets eaten, but those faces will be burned into my memory banks until I die. 🙂


        • As they say in Minnesota–a place where a Floridian should never dare to tread: You betcha!

          Now, I’m content to purchase the reduced price chocolates the day after. Ever had to gulp down cheap chocolate you don’t like in front of a significant-other you’re about to break up with? Life tastes better when you choose your own chocolate.


        • I prefer bitter chocolate. I used to live 10 miles away from Minnesota, so I could sometimes feel the You betcha’s in the atmosphere. Life tastes bitter with chocolate.


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