Godfather Bitterness

I had big plans for this last weekend. I was going to see Dr. Strange's Multiplex Theater of Madness, and I was going to get some supplies for my upcoming trip to Scotland. In addition, I had a LOT of couch sitting and video gaming planned. Despite my family not knowing any of that, they … Continue reading Godfather Bitterness

Math Bitterness

Something just doesn't add up. It seems like we are all just so divided. Maybe it is just time to subtract something from all of our lives. Either that or we need to multiply our efforts. I just think there is no common denominator anymore. I just feel like if we just took a fraction … Continue reading Math Bitterness

The Bitter 800th Post Club

Math. Mathematics. Adding. Subtracting. Multiplying. Dividing. I just did a collective yawn for all of you just now, just to show you how boring that was. Yeah, maybe I did that from my couch or between doing my homework(yawn again!), but any way you slice it, math is sooo boring. And only useful if you … Continue reading The Bitter 800th Post Club

First Day of School Bitterness

There are two things I have learned about The Simpsons over my years of watching the Simpsons.  First, when I started watching the show, I always thought that Bart was the star.  He had all the catchphrases, like "Eat my shorts!" and "Don't have a cow!" and "Cowabunga!" that made him seem like the main character.  But after … Continue reading First Day of School Bitterness