Feature Me Bitterness

As possibly the laziest guy on earth, who also wants to be rich and famous, the ultimate goal for me is to get "internet famous".  To me, that means I have enough followers so I can make money off of all these suckers, but still be able to be pretty anonymous when I decide to … Continue reading Feature Me Bitterness

You Don’t Deserve My Best Work

When I started this blog I was just a little bitterling in a really huge pond. I had no other intention except to express my feelings about all the bitterness in the world.  A few co-workers knew about it, because they were the ones that called me Bitter Ben. They knew I was bitter about … Continue reading You Don’t Deserve My Best Work

Almost Bitterly Famous

I've had my brushes with fame in the past.  One time when I was a stupid kid, in about 4th grade, I was outside at recess in the cold South Dakota air, running and sliding on the massive skating rink that was out recess area.  I slid once and hurt my arm.  Nothing big, until … Continue reading Almost Bitterly Famous