Awards that I don’t deserve

At the request of literally no one, there is zero demand to see awards that I have been “nominated” for.  As a bitter blogger, I struggled with what to do with them as I clearly don’t deserve them.   However, I do want to thank those that did and maybe all at once let you know about blogs that I really like and that clearly deserve your attention.  So here are some of the symbols and the awards and some of the people that have good blogs.  I beg of you to read, like and follow these blogs if you haven’t already.  Or I will be really bitter at you:

Blogs you should follow, like or comment on, or incur the wrath of the bitterness: – This girl does great posts and almost no one follows or likes her stuff.  Shameful people. – An awesome stick figure drawer, with surprising touching and complete stories. – She has funny stories from her childhood and work. – Inspires in her followers a brand new adjective balderdashy.  Her wits puts my wit to shame. – Very funny and witty and does great book reviews for those of you who read.  Makes me want to.  Doesn’t write enough, but if you follow her, maybe she will do more. – Little know fact.  She sits right behind me at work.  She is responsible for covering for me so I don’t get in trouble for writing posts at work.  She takes great pictures and does thoughtful commentary about it. (I got her started on wordpress.) – A perfectionist when it comes to doing posts, so you know that when she does one it will be well thought out and funny. – I call her the haiku princess.  She got hooked on doing them in February and hasn’t stopped since. – a newy but a goody that also has bitter tendencies. – also a new one that enjoys a good rant – does weekly old journal readings and is very artistic – has fessed up on having a few personal Hollywood celeb stories (Tommy Lee Jones in particular) – Funny, quirky and Canadian. – does a weekly post on things she overhears on campus that is quite hilarious. – Funny and quirky and upbeat sense of humor.  Opposite of mine.


Of course, there are many others you should follow, but I can’t list them all here.  Just do them a solid by reading their stuff and I’m sure you will find some that you really like!



An award I won for doing a blog for a year from WordPress.  Can they not read that should accomplish something first?

A badge I got from WordPress for doing a blog for a year. If that isn’t incentive to do this for a year, nothing is.

I got the Liebster Award from Reocochran, tinymcsmall, my gay mom, Fat Bottom Girl


A Beautiful Blogger award from Lucky Bay and John Shue

A Very inspiring Blog award from Olivethepeople and Ellen at Photos and Fancies

Spotlighted on Crumbsnatcher

Guest posted on Chaos and Words

Kind of nominated by Breezyk

Nominated for three awards from How Not to Kill Your Parents – Lovely Blog, Versatile Blogger and 2012 Blog of the Year

163 thoughts on “Awards that I don’t deserve

  1. Oh I get it, you’re not bitter at all, but you use the bitter front as a sort of sales tactic seeing how nice, good and kindness just don’t sell here in America? Genius.


  2. LOL! Who would of thought! Witty Bitter Humor! Makes rolling along in life alot more fun! Enjoy the read and love your humble presentation to Blogger awards. 🙂 Leaving with a smile….


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    • It was my way of being lazy. I like to give props to other people and their blogs, but don’t like doing those awards and contest rules because I’m bitter. And I probably need to update this a bit since most of those bloggers quit a while ago.


        • I’ll get around to updating it to the modern age (last few days) where people that nominated me are still blogging. (Blogging is a hard business. I find people I followed and posted regularly all of a sudden take a short break and never make it back.)

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        • Happened to me. I blogged for 2 years. Realized that my brain runs on ‘likes’ and ‘posts’, decided to take a humble sabbatical, two years later… Killed that blog this January. Started this one. Totally different blogs. This one actually has a purpose – to make me a better writer. So I feel justified in my blogging ‘fixes’. 🙂


        • Yeah, it has happened to most of my favs. I think people get burnt out (which I do from time to time) and just find another way to create/write. I’ve always just hung in there and found the time and even if I don’t always put out the best stuff at least I know I have a theme I can hang onto (and hundreds of unwritten post ideas if I run out).

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        • Nice. In retrospect, I probably should have kept the site ‘frame’ and just kill the content, because this way I could keep the followers. But I felt like re-emerge as a different person and thought that my previous blog friends won’t be into sci fi. Oh well. How long have you been blogging?


        • I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years. I don’t know if I’m into sci-fi but at least one of my favorite things is sci-fi, the Transformers.
          As far as reinventing yourself that is cool too. I think if I ever did another blog, I would still keep this one around. I actually did an April Fools prank last year where I told people I was giving this one up and created one where I was going to be a Gardener (my last name is Gardner) and I would give gardening tips (it was funny because I am not a gardener at all). Most people saw right through it, but a few fell for it and actually started following it. I got rid of it, but just recently secured BitterHomesandGardners on wordpress and might just do something with it. (I just love the name because it has so much to do with me.)

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        • Haha! I recently joined a blog that has been around for 15 years! I haven’t been committed to anything for 15 years! But even four sounds like quite a determination! Also, your gardening theme could be connected with the idea of weeding out: “crap, bs, sugar-coated things…”; and pruning: bitter herbs of wisdom! Oh my. I think I got carried away. Take care 🙂


  4. OK I am seriously an idiot–I just realized we were nominated in the same post (yes, I promise I read the nominating post, but since it took me forever to get to writing mine, I forgot some of the details in the initial post)–but I don’t take it back! I triple or quadruple or however many-uple nominate you!


      • Ohhhh, that sounds good! And do something really cool and flippant, like driving through Taco Bell in your tux and limo. Or better yet, does your town have a Piggly-Wiggly? That way, you can rub your awesome, award winning self in the faces of the common man. And then everyone else will be bitter….but you. 😉


        • We are not lucky enough to have a Piggly-Wiggly in our hippy town. I’ll be like Jim in the Office when he wore a tux to work to prank Dwight and it ended up getting him on the bad side of Charles. Though I wouldn’t need to work hard to get on the bad side of my boss at work.

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  5. I think it’s fair to say that there are a lot of bitter people just waiting to increase your bittermetric pressure by presenting you with special pink heart awards. You’re probably bitter that you never got the “NOT featured of Fresh Pressed” Award. 🙂


  6. Ben! It’s almost as if I have a twin! And it makes me soooo bitter because you have so much more recognition than I do! WTF?!?!?! I salute you, brother!

    Thanks for visiting my own little corner of the snarkiverse and for liking some of my stuff… I want to be you when I grow up!

    May the anti-depressants never kick in! With all admiration,



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  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You will find that I meander through musings, launch head-long into diatribes of little consequence, and occasionally face plant into quagmires of apathy and self-loathing. It’s fun. Welcome aboard.


  10. Your blog has been nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by the HewToons Editorial Board!

    Visit ‎for more information. (Please do not make inquiries of Mr. Walker. He is quite bitter that Keith Hodgesons named on the award given to HewToons.)


  11. thank you for these recommendations, and thank you for supporting my blog. i’m sorry i haven’t been a better reciprocator, due to my reprehensibly parsimonious, solipsistic nature (the good news is that both buddhism and modern neuroscience are inclined to conclude that the self doesn’t exist; so those of us who are selfish are the most deluded of all). please try not to be too bitter about it; i’ll try to be a better blog-brother.


    • Well why don’t you just be direct with me. 🙂 There is always room for a revision but it might take cookies or pizza to persuade me. Or money. But I don’t accept bribary. That is for non bitter people.


      • I’m pretty passive aggressive. Sorry about that.

        Could I interest you in some old gift cards with unknown balances as potential gravy for said list mention? Wait. Bribes won’t work. Now what.

        You know what makes me bitter? Widgets. The words widgets. The thought of widgets. The attempts to get widgets to do anything they claim they will do. I hate the guy who came up with the stupid word widget. What and asshole.

        Anyway…gift cards. Think about it.


        • Gift cards with empty balances. Sure there is no bribe there. But if after a while they mysteriously had some value added to them, it’s not like I could turn that down. You know, it’s just there and I order pizza and the guy on the other lines says, hey it looks like you have $500 left on this card.


  12. Ah shucks, thanks for the linking! You make me sound way cooler than I thought – I had no idea I knew Tommy Lee Jones! Should I be bitter he hasn’t sent me birthday cards all these years?


    • You know, I forgot to alert people that they were being linked so sorry you had to find out about the unfortunate news by stumbling upon it. I would be bitter if Tommy Lee hadn’t sent me a card for all those years too. You are much cooler than most people, except for Tommy Lee and Grumpy Cat.


  13. Ben, Thanks for following my blog (I think you are, anyway, and if not–I’m really bitter about that!) I’m also ticked off that I have no awards, no anniversary thingie from WordPress, no nothin’. Thanks for ruining my day. Entertaining blog, though. Write on, BitterBen.


    • So you have been doing your blog for over a year and you didn’t get the anniversary badge? You should go check your comments and stuff. I’m sure you just overlooked it! Oh and you are welcome for ruining your day.


  14. Ha ha you cranky oul divil! Bet it filled your heart with bitterness having to post this post! You have made me happy imagining your bitterness. Seriously though I know they are a pain but I do love to go to peoples award posts and link to the sites listed. i’ve found some I’ve really enjoyed and even follow some!


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