Supplemental Bitter Saturday Giftures


I recently got a new job (so weird for me I know) and it is helping with social media for a supplement company (you know, for weight lifters). It feels so different for me because I’ve never been a weight lifter. In fact, the last time I did it was in junior high, and I don’t think I would even be able to lift what I did then (I think like a hundred pounds). So I have to get into a crazy different mindset to understand these people.  Anyways, these kinds of pills are all about supplementing what people already do.

Just like me putting Giftures in my post to supplement what I am talking about. (Though nowadays, it feels like the writing is supplementing the Giftures). Let’s just get to them shall we?

I think they can make you…

Animated GIF

…run fast?


jump rope GIF


Helps you…

swim swimming GIF by Guava Juice

…swim better?

Helps you…

dog floating GIF by ViralHog

…levitate easier?

Fly higher…

astral projection dreaming GIF by Trippyogi

Become invisible…

invisible GIF

Fight better…

Self Defense Fighting GIF

Lift heavier things…

lifting weights gym GIF

Get more…

the office comedy GIF

…fired up.

Freeze things…

surprise shock GIF by Power Rangers


Or maybe even…

Super Power Hero GIF by PBS KIDS

…the power to shoot bubbles out of your fingers.

But probably in the end…

lord of the rings power GIF

…none of the above.

So there you are. You probably think supplements can give you superpowers, but really they are just supplemental. Things that are just there to support, not lead. That’s who I am. Just a support to other people at work, at home and abroad.


Bitter Supplemental Ben

8 thoughts on “Supplemental Bitter Saturday Giftures

  1. Congrats on your new job Bitter Ben! You really are gutsy to move to a new job during this hard and difficult time. I am sure you will do well and excel in whatever you set out to do and enjoy it in true “Ben bitterness” that makes us laugh. Go for it Ben!


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