Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures


As many stores closed in mid-March for the epidemic and we were forced to stay home, many crazy things started happening. One of the more unexpected things that happened was the thrift store closing and people doing some serious spring cleaning while they were at home. The combination of stuff that needed to be donated and stores that normally took donations caused an insurmountable amount of donations piling at home.

We are always donating to those places because of excess stuff in our house from our previous house. So when the thrift stores finally opened we were excited to get there and donate. The problem was that we weren’t the only ones. There were and still are massive lines just to donate. Another thrift store chain opened up recently and they were only taking donations by get this, appointment. Not only that, but YOU have to pre-sort everything and they are quarantining everything before it can be placed on the floor. Well, excuse me, high faluting, thrift store. May I request a meeting with the king and queen beforst I enter thy store as well?

Before I get too much more ranty, let’s just get Gifturing.

My poor donations have been suffering in my poor house…

Fail Just For Laughs GIF

…and would prefer anywhere else. 

They’ve suffered unimaginable conditions…

loop house GIF

…like my cramped house.

Left to suffer…

left out dislike GIF

…as unwanted donations in my basement.

Left in some of the worst conditions…

house GIF by Leesh

…of the basements of homes that just don’t have enough space.

They struggle to find meaning…

confused jamie foxx GIF by Beat Shazam

…in a world of unending donations.

Somehow finding a way to stand out…

page skills GIF

…from the standard donations.

Trying to find some sort of skills…

Napoleon Dynamite Film GIF

…that get you the good donation girlfriends.

Who knew…

Bunim/Murray Productions kim kardashian e who knew GIF

…this could be the turning point?

For a better place…

GIF by moodman

…for all donations.

Where we could finally reach our goals…

reaching leonardo dicaprio GIF

…to live the better life of a donation.

Where we are given a new life…

90S Vhs GIF

…through destination appointments.

And quarantined for two weeks…

hey everybody GIF by 5 Seconds of Summer

…with only the fanciest of treatment in a donation store. 

Clearly, donations are entering their renaissance period, where they get to live their best donations lives. May we all get to be pampered and be appointment worthy like those of the 2020 donations.


Bitter Donation Ben



5 thoughts on “Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. My issue is the recycling center. Only one person can enter at a time, and most of these people have huge lawn-size trash bags of cans and bottles. After standing on line for a half-hour in the heat, getting more and more bitter by the minute, with two people still ahead of me, I finally gave up, came home and threw the cans in my own recycling bin. They can keep the few cents per can I would get from the machine. Not worth it.


  2. Everything is BY APPOINTMENT now. Yeah. Like, a girl from the library called me to say my books were ready for pick-up. They have appts daily from 2-5 pm for curbside. They need to know what time you will pull up and what kind of car you drive. You must open the trunk and get back in your vehicle before they will come out and throw the books in from 6 feet away (just kidding, they’re in a bag). It’s a hassle, but at least I am GETTING something. Making an appointment to donate stuff? I’d have to be pretty desperate to get rid of it. I’d probably cut out the middle man, just set it out on bulk pick-up day and hope whoever would have bought it at Good Will will come by and haul off with it for free. 🙂


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