Headphones Friday Bitter Giftures


Sometimes, I wonder if the greatest invention ever for an introvert has already been invented. They have been with me through all the bitter trials in my life. They’ve helped me ignore concourses of overwhelming extroverts, helped me look busy and focused at work, and given me excuses for not hearing what important people are trying to say to me. Also you know, music. It gives you focus for all the bitterness you need concentration for, it helps raise your blood pressure when it is already high, and helps you get revenge on people that are wearing them(example later).  In honor of this great invention, I present you this weeks Bitter Friday Giftures:

On airplane flights…

…they are essential.

If they’re good enough for Ron Swanson…

…they’re good enough for me.

They even make someone like Kevin…


Okay maybe…

…they don’t make everyone look cool.

Babies know how…

…to use them…

Cats know how…

…know how to use them.

Heck, even boomers…

…know how to use them.

And millennials are practically connected…

…to their headphones.

Even presidents…

…use them for solace.

Even cartoon characters…

…enjoy the solace of the headphones.

Heck they even…

…work out in space.

Well, that’s all of our tribute to the greatest invention for introverts. Tune in next time when we pay tribute to something else.


Bitter Headphones Ben






6 thoughts on “Headphones Friday Bitter Giftures

  1. I do wish that every person on my commuter train who likes to listen to their phones also knew how to use headphones, so the rest of us aren’t assaulted by their noise. But oh well…at least I can slip mine on o block them out. 😂


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