Burning Man Bitter Friday Giftures


Humans aren’t very good at learning lessons. I should know, I’m one of them. You would think that after living in my house for over a year now, I would have figured out that the glasses are in one cabinet, and plates are in another, but I continually reach for the wrong one almost every time.

For some reason, every summer here in Utah, it’s inevitable that we get these forest fires. It gets hot, someone is stupid and tries to burn something, or they are careless with fireworks, or something stupid like that and BAM!, we have a forest fire that rages for weeks. Then we get all this smoke that ends up burning our lungs and they don’t let us play outside.

Just when I thought the summer was over and we avoided the burn, someone started a fire and we are going to have to deal with this fire that may or may not burn our house down.

That being said, it’s Bitter Burning Man Friday Gifture time:

Some days…

…it feels like I’m burning through too much of this.

Most of the time…

…I’m burning through this.

Then there is this kind of…

…burn that I need suntan lotion for.

Then there is this kind of burn…

…that I really need suntan lotion for.

Then there is this kind of skid…

…that you need to change your shorts for.

It’s nice that you are killing the weeds…

…just don’t burn down my house.


Even a true patriot like Captain America…

…gets in on the fireworks fun.


…even babies can appreciate them.

Why do we restrict fireworks…

…to just the summertime when they burn down forests?

Why can’t we use them for…

…more for shower related pranks?

Or for barbecue…

…related pranks.

Why should people…

…be the only ones to have firework fun?

How are things going on your part of the earth? Burning down like mine and the Amazon? Flooding like parts of the Midwest and South like earlier in the year? What kind of weather fun are you having right now?


Bitter Fire Up Ben


8 thoughts on “Burning Man Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. It’s beautiful here in California. The last few summers, we had some devastating fires but so far this year we haven’t.
    Then again fire season isn’t over.

    I hope they get the fire under control soon.


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