Snapping the Bitterverse Friday Giftures

As we all know Thanos snapped half the universe in Avengers Infinity War. It was a bad time in the universe what with half the people dying, but he didn’t realize all the other things he snapped. He didn’t realize that he also snapped my sanity as well. I probably thought things were fine last year, but as soon as 2019 came, he snapped my reality, probably with the reality stone. I’m not very good at explaining the carnage, but I think the giftures below will do a much better job at doing so. Here comes some Bitter Friday Giftures, that explains much better than I.



A live look at 2019’s…

…punch to my face.

Someone’s trying to make me…

…flip out just a bit.

2019 was ready to…

…start some chaos.

I was just about to land perfectly…

…and fell just short.

My start to the year…

…and then a finish.

This is a live look…

…at my life crumbling down.

This is a picture of life…

…throwing me curves over and over again.

This is a gifture…

…of life throwing me a gut punch to the face.

This is me taking life head on…

…and it laughing at my attempts.

This is me trying something different…

…and getting the same old results.


…life having a good laugh at my expense.


…trying to gain some traction.

Me attempting what I thought would be easy…

…and finding out not so much.

The nice thing is that I am sharing this life crisis with half the universe. I’m sure there is some guy on the moon that is also currently struggling to find any light, because well, he is on the dark side of the moon. I bet he wants to move to the light side of the moon, but housing is so expensive on that side and he can’t afford to drive to work, because gas prices are so expensive for his moon buggy. Thanks a lot for the economy Thanos.


Bitter Life Snap Ben



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