Baseball Bitter Friday Giftures


When I was growing up, baseball was my favorite sport…until I got hit in the gut with a fastball and had a fear of a little tiny ball going 60-100 miles an hour speeding right at me. I also realized that baseball was a lot of just standing around watching a pitcher throw to a catcher. So, I abandoned it for a long time, but just like John Wick, there is always something that pulls you back in. For John, it was a stupid kid that wanted his car and killed his puppy, but for me, well, it is my son. He decided that he wanted to play, so a couple of weeks ago, we brought him to a tryout, and a few weeks, and hundreds of dollars later, today is his first game. Of course, last week should have been, but freaking baseball requires dryness and last week, we just so happened to have rain. Just as rain puts a damper on baseball, I am about to put a damper on your week by telling you that it is Bitter Friday Gifture time again…

I have a feeling…

…there is going to be a lot of this.

And probably…

…a lot of this.

Maybe a little…

…frustration and anger.

Probably a lot of…

…temper tantrums.

Probably a few…

…swings and misses.

Probably a few…

…sudden drops.

Probably a few…

…parental fails.

Probably going to be a few…

…coaching fails as well.

Or more coaching…

…fails like this.

We’ll probably see…

…a lot of this.

We’ll probably see…

…more of this.

Or if we are really lucky…

…we’ll just get to see this.


Let’s be honest. The younger the kids, the more of a cluster this will be. And the faster I will want to come home and plant myself on the couch. Can someone pray for rain for me tomorrow? Or perhaps perform a rain dance?


Bitter Baseball Ben


Target Deal of the Day: Rawlings Youth – 12 Prodigy Bat. The nice thing about baseball bats is that they serve multiple purposes, which I really like. You can use them for the limited purpose of playing baseball for a short season or two before your kid quits in frustration, but the much better use is to defend yourself in the case of a burglary in your home. Or something nice like destroying the fire alarm when it keeps going off in the middle of the night.



6 thoughts on “Baseball Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I always ended up playing left field, which was stupid because I didn’t have the arm or the speed for it. On the other hand, despite being left-handed, I could handle 3rd base and throw a curve around the runner going for home.

    I was better at Foosball.


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