Cloning Dogs Bitter Friday Giftures


My wife just popped in and told me that people have way too much money. Obviously, I agreed and told her that we were on the opposite end of the scale, IE, we have way too little. I then asked her why she said that, and she said that some family paid $50,000 to clone their dog. I know some people have a fierce attachment to their pets and that is okay if that’s what they love, but cloning one in my mind is way beyond normal in my eyes. I’m okay cloning someone’s answers on my test or cloning someone’s dollars, but chill on the cloning of other things. Haven’t we seen enough bad sci-fi movies that taught us not to clone anything? Clearly, that dog is going to be straight out of Pet Cemetery and we are going have some vicious dog attacking people that won’t be able to be killed. Don’t mess with cloning (except me cloning Friday Giftures every week). Speaking of which….

Don’t do something stupid…

…and get stuck in jail.

Did you know…

…jet skiing was good for your health?

That this guy was…

…way off target?

That this lady…

…isn’t very good at Mario Kart.

That the best man…

…was also the best fainter?

That every groom…

…should get to be the bride too.

Did you know…

…it’s not even close to summer yet?

Which means…

…it’s not quite Independence Day yet.

This is the leveled up…


And this is…

…how not to cross the street.

I’m a professional pitcher dad…

…I know what I’m doaaannng.

I’m Batman, the Dark Knight, the protect…

…aagghhhhh a daaaggg!

And there you have it. Although it isn’t smart to clone a dog, it is really smart to clone my posts because they do really well and they require no thinking, because that is what I’m famous for. Not thinking. See you on the flippidy flip.


Bitter Clone Failure Ben

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4 thoughts on “Cloning Dogs Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. It’s a weird thing – people do have too much money… except me. How can I be the only one in the world without too much money? I guess it’s OK if people clone their dogs – but we got the perfect dog for ten bucks at the pound (it was half-price day).


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