Adventure Time Bitterness


I watch a little Youtube because my kids watch it like it all the time and I kind of want to know what the heck they watch all the time. It’s like the new TV for millennials. Anyways, Casey Neistat is one of the ones I watch regularly and he does a lot of vlogging. He always likes to go on adventures. One of my favorites is his First Day of Summer one and another is his “Do what you can’t”. If you haven’t watch him, here is one below.

Anyways, he always talks about life being an adventure and he does very inspirational movies about not wasting a second of life. I disagree with him fervently.

He’s right about adventure. Life is an adventure. Just making it though traffic. Making your kids go to bed. Getting the fricking cable to work. Finding your keys. I disagree with the part about wasting seconds. First of all, you all sleep right? I do at least 5 hours a night, sometimes 6. And I waste a lot of time on trains, plains and automobiles. And work. I make a little money, but not near enough. Anyways, I read a saying just the other day.

Getting the cable to work.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin

You probably think I made that up. Maybe I did you so will probably have to verify my sources. Or maybe I just changed my name to an exotic French sounding one, so you will believe me.

But if that saying is true, then all the time I sit on the couch, all that time I play video games and all that time I eat pizza is not wasted time. And all the time I spend with other people, all that time I spend at work and all that time I spend in grocery stores not getting food I want is a complete waste.

I’m thinking all these productive people that change the world and make all this money so they can provide for their kids college education, etc have been wrong the whole time. There is no way they can enjoy spending all those extra hours at work doing who knows what for who doesn’t appreciate. I’m guessing these people probably don’t enjoy working.

I know that when I’m on the couch lazing around, I’m not thinking, “Man, I wish I was at work. I can’t believe how much I’m missing my spreadsheets right now.”

Not productive man.

I think Casey Neistat thinks he is living the life too, but does he realize how much work he is doing, just so he can go on these “adventures”? He has to film himself constantly. He is already famous, so that means whenever he goes to an event, or rides his boosted board around the city, paparazzi people are filming him. So he is basically his own paparazzi.

Think of it this way. Do you like job interviews? I personally hate them like the burning of a thousand suns. (I have no idea what that means.) Anyways, imagine being interviewed all the time and on top of that, having a camera film the entire interview, then having it broadcast on television or YouTube. How fun would that be?

In my opinion, I’d rather lay on the couch and just imagine whatever the people on TV are telling me. Not that is my adventure.


Bitter Couch Dweller Ben


22 thoughts on “Adventure Time Bitterness

  1. I’m with Sam on this one…I don’t get the vlogging thing, unless say one is selling something, or cooking something, or doing make- up tutorials, or preaching fire and brimstone. A job interview on YouTube, I like the idea of the humiliation, I would want to be paid to share my shame though. I prefer to watch old movies on TCM and eat pizza on the couch. I’m the only one allowed to drop crumbs or the bitterness is out of control.


    • He’s this guy who aspired to be a filmmaker and found a way to be one, mostly on YouTube, he is a daily vlogger and makes mucho money doing what he loves filmmaking. On the other hand, I’m over here doing what makes me bitter and make cero dinero.

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  2. I don’t get the fuss about vloggers. We have some “bad-ass” vloggers over here, who film themselves doing illegal stuff then get all upset about the police finding them, fining them and sometimes arresting them. One of them recently got helped out by a few girls when driving to an event (I honestly have no idea what his “talent” is… rapping, probably) – he had car trouble and the girls helped him out by giving him a ride. He ended up calling them whores for no reason other than that they wore short skirts. Then he got all surprised when people from everywhere got mad at him…

    I think in my mind I am not 31 but more like 81 – I just don’t get the whole YouTube celebrity-thing. Maybe I’m missing out on something spectacular, but somewhere not so deep down I have a feeling I’m not.


    • I see it for people that have an actual talent, like filmmaking, photography, or tech reviews, and such, but the idiots like that guy and Jake Paul and other people that just get views for shock factor and have no real talent don’t deserve it and should die out fast.


  3. You can’t ignore Casey. You can’t just sit around and eat pizza and be bitter all day. You can’t waste time or hate your job or any of those other things. So I do agree with Casey. I’m going to do all the things I can’t.

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