Mystery Oreo’s


I’m not a big fan of mystery movies, because the ending is usually pretty stupid. The killer was usually someone you suspected from the very beginning, but they just made other people look slightly guilty somehow. Or the ending is super lame because if you just knew one thing, you would have figured it out from the very beginning. Or the mystery was made of completely unrealistic things.

Everyone loves a mystery.

Last night my wife purchased some Mystery Oreo’s. Wow, I thought. Finally a mystery I could dig my mouth parts into. So I wasn’t sure what the mystery would be, whether it would be the color, or the flavor, or if every one would be a different color. And I wouldn’t for a little while. We had to go away for a little while. The mystery would have to be a mystery for a little while longer. And let’s be honest. That is what some people like about mysteries. The thought that they have to wait to find out what the unknown is.

I was patient, but only because I had the distraction of my favorite thing to eat. Pizza. I can hold off just about anything when it comes to pizza. So we dined and drank and feasted on the pizza and went somewhere else for a while.

When we got back, my son finally saw the mystery Oreo’s. He is less patient than anyone I know and proclaimed, “We got Oreo’s? Can I open them? Wait, what are mystery Oreo’s?”

My wife gave in and let him open them. I was a little curious, but would wait until he tasted them.

One bite and he got this face. Scrunched up eyebrows, wrinkled nose, squeezed mouth.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It tastes…like orange.”

“Orange? That isn’t one of their flavors!”

My wife said, “Orange and chocolate don’t go well together!”


I’m sure the next one will be better.

My wife tastes a second one.

“Orange! Gross! We need to return these! That isn’t right!”

Oreo’s just pulled off the best marketing job ever. Not really. Others have done this before, but this is my guess what happened here.

Some Oreo employee: The boss says we need a new Oreo flavor. Hey, we’ve tried all the other flavors. How about we try orange.

Some other Oreo employee: Yeah, good idea. I can’t think of any other flavor either. Oh, how about orange double stuff.

First Oreo employee: Great idea, let’s do it.


Oreo flavor girl: Here is the orange flavor. It’s terrible. What do you think?

Oreo taster with a cold: It’s fine. Send it on the line! Double up the creme!

The next day….

Oreo taster finally over his cold: Oh gross, what is this?

Oreo flavor girl: That is the orange creme you said was good yesterday!

Oreo taster over his cold: I had a cold yesterday. Why didn’t you tell me!

Oreo flavor girl: I did, you idiot!

Oreo taster over his cold: Oh crap, I’m gonna get fired. We have 80 tons of this stuff!

Oreo flavor girl: Talk to marketing. They can figure something out.

Oreo Marketing Team after days of deliberation: Oh hey, what about uh, Airheads, they do that mystery flavor. Maybe we should do that for this orange crap.

Oreo Marketing Manager: Genius. Everyone loves a mystery. Tell manufacturing right away.

And thus, these crappy Mystery Oreo’s were born.

So, if ask me for my review of the mystery Oreo’s, they are crap and should be melted down into a fiery furnace or burned at the stake, or drowned in the depths of the deep blue milk. Rest in bitterness, mystery Oreo’s.


Bitter Mystery Oreo Ben


77 thoughts on “Mystery Oreo’s

  1. Orange in a dark chocolate can be good, but in an oreo that just some gross trash that you should stay away from. Gotta hand it to oreo for their ruse to get people to buy them though. 😉


  2. I have learned to NEVER buy anything labelled “while supplies last ONLY, Mystery….ANYTHING” Always chalk THAT one up to factory error with creative marketing appeal! LOVE the story!….


  3. When we buy regular (or double stuffer) Oreo cookies, they are usually gone in a day or two, These mystery cookies have been in the house for over two weeks and the first row isn’t even gone. There’s no mystery, They suck! Why not eat a regular oreo and then drink some orange juice, Yuk!


  4. Ben, when you consider the injustices and humiliation we average citizens–bitter and non-bitter–we endure daily, Mystery Oreos surpasses them all. The madness must stop. And it stops here…on your blog. Well done. It takes tremendous integrity to take on the industrial food complex you’re just the guy to poison yourself for the good of the rest of us. Just make sure you don’t butt-dial the Nabisco CEO. Otherwise, you can expect a massive shipment of their latest culinary debacle.


  5. Orange and chocolate… wow… as if they could have come up with something that could have been a little more displeasing to the taste buds… XD The mystery Oreo’s, although a mistake, wasn’t the best mistake there was like the potato chip or the waffle cone. Hope that these guys can think of something better to replace these orange-chocolate cookies.


  6. They were probably aiming for strawberry flavor and accidently added too many drops of whatever chemical flavor they were using. A chemist and a baker are making out next to the crème vat… it’s a mystery.


  7. It’s still better than those Harry Potter jelly beans. I pity the poor sod who had to confirm that the earwax flavored jelly beans actually tasted like earwax. Although I suspect the person who did that probably had some weird acquired taste for earwax, so who knows?


  8. There’s really nothing better than classic Oreos…like classic Coke. I have had good dark chocolate truffles with orange and lemon that are awesome, but orange Oreos? Ummm…no. Someone is getting over-zealous with the flavored Oreos.


  9. Oreo orange cream sound awful. But I feel I must disagree with your wife. Chocolate and orange go quite well together, if you have the correct combination.


  10. My thought exactly, Ben. Oreo was capitalizing on a mistake. Like Dum-Dum suckers that mix together all the tail end leftovers and make a Mystery Flavor… you can never tell what it’s supposed to be anyway, like, watermelon-butterscotch? Eeeewww. 🙂


  11. I kind of like the taste of chocolate and orange. My wife gets these dark chocolate bars with orange flavoring at the Whole Foods Market and they’re actually quite tasty. That said, I’ve never had an orange cream-filled Oreo and have no intention of trying one.


  12. They do sound pretty gross…

    But I can’t agree that orange and chocolate don’t go together. Did you ever have a chocolate orange at Christmas? Those things are delicious!


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