Is your refrigerator running?

Refrigerator running…its mouth.

You know the old adage, “Love hurts?” I’m okay with the heart getting hurt. When some girl cold bloodedly tells you that she has been dating someone else for a little while at the same time and she likes him better. Or when you ask a girl to go steady with a big huge cut out heart because she asked you to a dance, and she says no, making the upcoming dance with her Suuuper awkward.

When it comes to romantic comedies though, why does it seem like the refrigerator is always running? Because it seems like someone is always trying to catch it. Every time you turn around someone is chasing someone. Whether it is a girl chasing a guy to the airport, a guy chasing a girl to a baseball game, or a crowd of girls in wedding dresses chasing a guy down the street. Why so much running? Love should be hard, but it shouldn’t require marathon-like training to do. At a certain point in the running, I would stop, bend over with my hands on my knees, breathing really hard, and just say, “I’m good. If she’s really worth it, she’ll accept my apology when she gets back from France.”

Trained more in this movie than he did for all the Batman movies.

I can’t imagine the training that they put the actors and actresses through in a romantic comedies. I saw less running in Die Hard than I saw in My Best Friend’s Wedding. I saw less running in the Running Man, than I saw in The Bachelor (the old movie, not the ABC reality show) Seriously. Love is hard, but it shouldn’t be physically exhausting. Okay, maybe one part.

Anyways, I think refrigerators should be able to run, but you shouldn’t have to always try to catch it. If they can run away, they can also run back. And they are being paid to do a job, so just sit there and keep my food cold, while I lay on the couch. As much running as dogs do, they do an amazing amount of sleeping on the couch.


Bitter Running Fridges Ben



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