I’m Not a Big Fan of Friday Giftures


While the heat continues to plague us, we find ways to beat the heat. Since I have the air conditioning set at arctic temperatures, so I have to sleep in a heavy coat under my comforter, it is okay when I am inside the house. However, for those six seconds between the house and the car are the worst. Oh, and all those seconds in the car when I don’t have air conditioning. Those are kind of miserable. I wish I could put our window fan in the back seat of my car, so I could at least get some air going. But for some reason my car doesn’t have any plug ins. It’s not fancy that way. It must be why my big screen TV and Xbox don’t seem to work in the back seat either.

You are probably wondering why I’m not a big fan of Friday Giftures. It was a pun about being a big fan(you know the one in windows). Get it? Anyways, on to the Friday Giftures.


I often fall asleep…

…standing up too. Goes over really well in interviews.

Reminds me of my ninth dates…

…when I was trying to kiss a girl and she wasn’t having it.

So would you say…

…he reached his goal?

Gonna jump it…

…na, too tall!

This is why horses…

…don’t ride people.

This is exactly how I would have done it…

…except the cool ending.

That is exactly how I would have jumped…

…except not that high.

Exactly how I am at dinner…

…except not as polite.

Something seems a little fishy…

…about this guys goals.

Exactly how I get out of fences…

…except not so gracefully.

Exactly how I am when I get money…

…except for dimes instead of dollars.

How I am as soon as I get home…

…and try to lay on the couch.

Speaking of couches, stayed tuned for some more not so exciting news…or whatever. I know you all aren’t very big fans (see what I did there), but news is coming nonetheless.

Bitter Not a Big Fan Ben

31 thoughts on “I’m Not a Big Fan of Friday Giftures

  1. That cat! That’s literally how I jump…..pathetic 😂 hope the job hunt ends soon my friend. For now, enjoy some pizza and the eclipse?


  2. The backseat of your car sounds like a bummer, Ben! 😮

    Love your Friday Giftures! 😀 I laughed so much I got all hot and perspire-y! 😛

    Some of those Giftures express exactly who you are…except not really. Right?!?! 😛

    I went to college (in Phx, AZ) in The Dark Ages (Yes, it was difficult to walk around campus and find my classrooms. You know, it being so dark and all.) and I didn’t have AC in my car, so I just rolled down all of the car windows and drove fast. The air coming in the windows and hitting our sweaty faces was like AC…except not as cool. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. These seriously got me today. The cat jumping cracked me up, then there was the money guy! 😀 I can relate to both of those…and the guy going through the gate, too.


  4. I’m not such a big fan, either, since these Gifs have never moved when I read on my phone or tablet. But it’s all good. I just read between the Gifs.


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