Getting it Wrong Bitter Friday Giftures


I was a walking disaster yesterday.  All my hair fell out (I got a hair cut), I got stuck to the couch (gravity can be such a bother sometimes) and I cut my thumb while losing a fight to my eight year old.  Some days are just more bitter than others. If my life were a movie, I would be the Clark Kent to everyone else’s Superman.  I would be the guy that couldn’t get the girl; the clumsy guy that wore glasses before he got the makeover(contacts and a hair cut) that made him handsome. I would be the brick phone trying to make a living in Smartphoneville. One of these days, I will do something right, but today isn’t that day. Here are some Friday Giftures of others that just couldn’t help getting it all wrong.

This guy thought his weekend…


…would last a long time.

This guy thought he would be an engineer…


…and test the integrity of concrete walls.

This guy thought he would someday be a great defender…


…and hole-y cow was he wrong.

This guy dreaming of becoming a great skater…


…but could barely flipping get off the ground.

This kid wanted to climb the corporate ladder someday…


…but chute, his slide started early.

This guy wanted to be the Green Arrow…


..but I don’t think he had a shot.

This guy wanted to be the next Knievel...


…but he could barely make the latest news cycle.

He thought he could make it to the X-Games…


…but soon found out that life’s snow fair.

She wanted to start her own cleaning service…


…but found out that life doesn’t suck.

He wanted to start a forest…


…but could only figure out face plants.

Like Anna he just wanted to build a snowman…


…but found out that it was too ruff.

This guy wanted to light the world on fire…


…well, he’s actually off to a good start.

Here’s hoping that things don’t exactly work out for you this weekend.  Stub your toe on the couch, show up late for an appointment, or fall in a lake. Whatever you do, make sure you film it and you could show up on this blog next week.


Bitter Wrong Ben


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