Binge Watching Bitterness – Bitter News From the Couch

I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you tell the truth on every blog post you’ve ever written, because I certainly always do.  Especially that time I told you about my B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness that educates willing minds about how to be more bitter.  And that one time I claimed I climbed Everest. So I’m gonna go assume that a lot of you have Netflix, because well, I’ve read your posts and you said you have Netflix.  And I’m also going to assume that you like to binge watch episodes/seasons of shows.  Because again, I’ve read your posts and you say you do.

So let’s go ahead an assume things because you never get in trouble when you assume things, or so I’ve heard. So I’m going to assume you are okay with watching more than one video in a row on YouTube assuming it is one in a series of things.  Well, you are actually looking at a guy (assuming you’ve watched videos of mine) who has produced 5 actual videos called Bitter News from the Couch.  And if you haven’t ever seen them, well here is your chance to binge watch them.  From the first preview, to the 5th you can watch all 6 videos.  Cause that is the way TV and videos are watched now right? And who I am to ever do anything different from other people.  Actually I recommend you watch them all backwards.  There. See how different I am? Get all the spoilers at the beginning and then see the origin story last.

Either way, you can do something meta by watching the Bitter News from the Couch, from the couch, or you can get out of doing work while watching them at work.  See how I solve all your problems? I actually like to look at as I am getting you in trouble and something else to be bitter about.  You’re welcome.


Bitter Binge Watcher Ben


20 thoughts on “Binge Watching Bitterness – Bitter News From the Couch

  1. I’m not saying you should assume anything about me, but you can take it for granted that anything I say in my blog is the truth. I will binge watch (that’s a new expression, by the way; it used to be a marathon, or having a film festival,if it was movies. Just saying) your bitter videos later when my computer stops acting up. I feel certain that it will be a learning experience.


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