Bitter Networking Network

Spread your network like a virus.

Spread your network like a virus.

I have many ambitions in life.  One is to get an all you can eat card from Pizza Hut, another is to be able to do a 3 day video game binge where all I do is play all the video games I haven’t had a chance to play in the last 20 years, and I want to star a Bitter Empire.  Movies, television shows, amusement parks, bitter merchandise, video games, books, bitter furniture, sugary sweet cereal to make your kids crazy, etc. Building an empire takes a lot of suckers to hop aboard the bitter train to shovel the coal (do all the work for you), so I can sit back and chortle at how much I’ve drained from people’s 401k’s to buy my garbage products.

In order to find people like that, it takes networking.  You know, that mystery tool that absolutely no one really knows how to use on LinkedIn? Maybe it worked for the owner of LinkedIn because he has a site where everyone signs up to pretend they network, but hasn’t worked for one other person? Well, that kind of failure is great for him, but what about bitter people like us who want to fail, but want to be bitter about it? Where we want to drop our bitter knowledge on other like-bitter minded people? Come no further than this, the bitterest blog on the net.  I’m am willing make this a place where bitter can meet bitter and follow each other’s blogs.

Tell your friends and bitter enemies, so I can build an empire you can share information with each other.  It will help you find other bitter blogs like mine.  Or maybe even a bitter nemesis. It’s pretty simple:

In the comments, put your bitter blog address

a description of your bitter blog

any of your other social networks you want to be followed

follow other blogs listed in the comments

Go to the page that will be created to look at others later

Make this the place the Bitter Networking place you always nightmared about.

You’re welcome for doing all this work for you, you ungrateful bitter people.

If you want to tweet about it, use #Bittershare and link back to me.


Bitter Networking Network Ben

PS Here’s my blog address in case you didn’t know.

Twitter: @benadman

Instagram: @bensbitterblog




31 thoughts on “Bitter Networking Network

  1. I was bitterly social networking and when I clicked on your image to go to your blog WORDPRESS decided that it wanted to click the unfollow button. So, I full of bitterness, refollowed you and got and extra fix of bitter.


  2. Hey bitter butts. Aside from disdaining your existence, as well as your mother’s, I’m not that bitter. I hate carrots and little kittens too. Other than that, I’m not bitter.

    My blog:

    Politics, Christianity, Atheism, Poetry, Music, Humor, People, Life, Virtue, Unvirtue, stupidity, hilarity, current events and their hilarity.


  3. Networking hey! Well I’m going to my keyboard and open a tab and type how I feel: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Take that LinkedIn! Seeing as I’m a sucker for anyone wanting to build a bigger and bitter empire, count me… out there. I’m on board with the Bitter Ben Network Train of thought and here is my bitter blog address: Here you’ll find the bitterness of the past and present replaced with the silliness of tomorrow and yesterday, just in case your a post or two late in your reading. :O)


  4. I’m overflowing with bitterness, a condition which might startle the typical reader, so I have thoughtfully channeled my dissatisfaction into three whirlpools of angst, thus allowing the reader to order from the a la carte menu if they don’t want a multi-course meal. (Of course, there’s nothing wrong with following all three, please do, especially if you want to fully understand what will eventually lead to my incarceration at the Beaver Valley Home for the Socially Maladjusted.)

    Bonnywood Manor: This is the home of my long-form bitterness, wherein I go into great detail about people, places and things that annoy me greatly. (Fair warning: I often rant in the form of a numbered list, which the “blogging experts” say you should never do. I don’t know why they say that, but the fact that people are telling me what I shouldn’t do is incentive enough to go ahead and do it.)

    Crusty Pie: This is where I scour the Internet for vintage photos, slap them in a post, and then proceed to make up a short story that has very little to do with what is happening in the image. It amuses me greatly to do these things, although I suspect that since I don’t actually own any of these photos, I am most likely contributing to someone making a big deal about arcane copyright issues and thus hastening my entombment at Beaver Valley.

    Backup Dancers From Hell: In this final repository for my Three Faces of Eve bitterness, I take music videos (popular and obscure, old and new), study them intently for any sign of intelligence, and then do my best to skewer the goings-on with my twisted concept of reality. For the record, this is where I receive the highest number of bitter comments from drive-by, anonymous readers, because apparently some people have invested a bit too much personal identity into the recording artists they admire.

    P.S. I have followed the blog of everyone speaking up so far because, well, that’s the point of this, right? And it’s what Jesus would do. Not that I’m comparing myself to Jesus. I just don’t have the right feet for leather sandals.

    Additional contacts if you’ve made it this far in my comment.




    Amazon Author Page:


  5. Social media is exhausting.

    That being said, I’m on twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and pretty much every other platform you can think of. Not Linkedin though. Only because my resume would say things like, “Almost done with college,” “Possible alcoholic,” and “Nonsense blogger.”


  6. OK–I’ll take the bait. I bitterly expect, though, this this net-working will be, in the end, not-working. My name is Salvageable, and my blog is found at Among other things, I am a curmudgeon, complaining about everything from traffic to loud lawn care. I am also a Grammar Nazi. However, I did make a vow that for every complaint, I would try to write a post about something I actually like. J. PS: If the link doesn’t work, just click on my icon.


  7. Let me be the first to join the Bitter Networking Network. is a concept blog revolving around self-letters, comics, satirical news stories and short screenplays.

    The only social network of mines I want to be followed is my YouTube channel. Description: Are you a fan of Fight Club? What is your favorite scene? Mines is the Raymond K Hessel scene. I took that scene and built a story on top of it. Just think if you could watch Raymond’s journey of being on his way to becoming a veterinarian in 12 weeks knowing if he isn’t Tyler Durden will kill him. Here’s a link. Watch the 1st video or it won’t make sense. >

    Thank you Benny (can I call you Benny? Too late, already did) for doing all the work for me. I am so far bitter about my YouTube channel because I been working on the scripts for 2 years and people who put no effort in their videos go viral. Grrrr.


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