Bitter Guest Post – Ben from Ben’s Bitter Blog – “Out to Sea Giftures”

Today’s guest poster will be me.  Bitter Ben is a blogger…blah blah…Clearly, I either have delegation issues, or someone didn’t offer to do the Friday Giftures, both of which make me bitter.  What you should know is that I have just been through a torturous week of eating tons of free food, getting sick from eating the free food, getting sick from the constant motion of the cruise ship, getting sick from all the Disney Characters annoying me and I’m sure the bed was hurting my back.  Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learned out here on the high seas…

Out here on the high seas...

...attacking things with a vengance

…we’re attacking things with a vengeance. 


We’re learning…

...we're learning all kinds of destruction skills.

…new superpowers.


We are learning that…

...taking it easy.

…some people aren’t really in much of a hurry. 


We’re learning that no matter what you do…

water gets everywhere.

…water gets everywhere.


We’re learning that…


…you should be aware of who is applying your sunscreen for you. 


We are learning to not be too good at anything…


…cause of the way they celebrate things around here. 


We are learning that you might be able to walk on water…


…but you can’t run on water. 


We’re learning that some fights…


…are actually worth watching. 


We are learning that some fish..


…have a little more fight. 


We are learning that…


…homemade jetpacks don’t work as well as factory made ones. 


We learned that…

...not all rope swings lead to water.

…not all rope swings lead to water.


And the biggest lesson of all…


…don’t text near water.  



Well, enjoy your time on land doing work and all that.  I’m out here suffering on some sandy beach, having people bring me stuff while I don’t do stuff.  It’s a hard job that I always seem to get stuck with.  Consider yourself lucky because you are probably indoors safe from all this heat. UGgghhh.


Bitter Out to Sea Ben

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19 thoughts on “Bitter Guest Post – Ben from Ben’s Bitter Blog – “Out to Sea Giftures”

  1. Ben, I just wanted to say thank you for your page and your contribution to our world. Your stories ALWAYS amuse me and you have done such an excellent job of finding a niche. I’m feeling somewhat bitter today, so it was appropriate that your story come up! Have the bitterest of weekends my friend!


    • Not at all. I always have such an easy time being bitter at Disneyland. A couple of years ago we went to all the Disney’s and I wrote a post a day about all the bitterness they each caused me.


  2. I was really hoping to miss the griftures this week but I think you decided to step in for this one just to torture me. I really should have offered to do this one for you and then left out the griftures just for spite and been all like ‘ooops!!’. I hope you get seasick watching your griftures on your cruise. And, oh yeah, thanks for reminding me to check you out on your blog cause otherwise I would have forgotten completely.


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