Murphy’s Law Friday Giftures

Murphy’s law is the only law I follow all the time.  For instance, I’m always on time or early to everything, which for the most part is a meaningless skill.  But the one time I need to be early, something will always happen to me that causes lateness.  A flat tire, run out of gas, shirts on backwards, I forget to shave.  Another thing that always happens to me? The weather mostly sucks around here.  But whenever I go on vacation somewhere where the weather is always better? The most perfect weather of the year happens here.  It’s not longer just coincidence.  Bitter weather follows me.  When I need to succeed at something finally? I fail hard and fall down on my face.  As Smith from the Matrixes always says, “It’s inevitable, Mr. Gardner.”  Just like it’s inevitable that you are getting gifs on a Friday.

Some days…


…you just start the day on fire. 


But most days…

And other days...

…not even bacon can get you going.


Then you take your morning energy drink of choice…


…and you think you are going to conquer the world. 

So then you go to eat something…

...but you just aren't hungry.

…but you just aren’t hungry.


Then someone asks you to do something...


…that isn’t your job.  


And you’re like sure, then they walk away…


…and you’re like no. 


You end up having to do it…


…but it is a struggle the whole time.  


And the task just seems overwhelming…


…until you finally break through. 


But then it’s lunch time…


…and you lose all momentum. 


But you manage to push through…


…and claw your way to the end. 

Then the person who assigned you the task…

...I just can't.

…tells you they actually didn’t need you to do it.


And the next time you see them you’re like… hard feelings.

…no hard feelings.


A bitter weekend to all. May the bitterness always be with you.


Bitter Freakin Weekend Ben



43 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Friday Giftures

    • Clearly it was the garbage healthy food that sloth was trying to eat. I’m not hungry for carrots or celery or onions. Just Pizza and Cheetos. BTW, I’ll miss these important chats we have in the next week and a half.

      Liked by 1 person

      • PHEW. Ok we are still on the same page. In the same boat. But not rowing because that’s like exercise. We’re just eating while somebody else rows. And I will miss these chats too–come back ready to do a lot of catching up! But have an AMAZING time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


        • Clearly we will not be rowing as that is what our servants are for. The food on the cruise was pretty good (even better cause it was free), but nothing could compare to the 4 pink sprinkled Homer Simpson donuts we got at Universal Studios(you can see a pic on my Instagram). I probably should have saved one for you. Do you have those at your Universal? If so, get there immediately and get one(and maybe save another one for me.)

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        • Lol!! Holy cow! That sounds amazing!! Idk if we have those, but my new mission is to find out! And duh I will save one for you 😉 (but in a way I’m glad you didn’t save one for me, because my hips aren’t currently in need of any more donuts)


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