Suns out, Guns out

The weather in Seattle is getting warmer, which means people are taking advantage of being outside like they should, because in another day or two, it could be another one of those days. The ones that happen ALL the time in Seattle.  50-60, cloudy, a little windy, perhaps a little wet and discombobulating enough that it could be any day of any month of any year in Seattle.  A Monday in January, or a Friday in June.  So what do you think I did? Go on a hike with the wife and kids? Go outside and do some gardening? Jump on the trampoline? Of course not.  I laid down for a long nap. The kind that wastes away a perfectly gorgeous day that everyone else takes advantage of. Sun’s out, Gun’s out right?  Well, I used one of my Sun’s Dart Gun’s to change the channel after I woke from my long summer’s nap.

Here are some other things I couldadid but I didn’t yesterday.


I could have gone out and got..


…a milkshake.  

Or gone outside…


…for a tantrum or two.

Maybe taken…


…an awkward walk off a short pier. 


Or maybe run off…


…in a search for some tennis balls.



Maybe do some pole vaulting…


…or some bataranging. 


I could have gone to the zoo…


…for some head scratching reason.


I could have gone out and did some skateboarding..



Or some skateboarding…




I could’ve learned how to fly…


…and flop.


Or I could’ve learned how to…


…cut things out of my life.


Or let things just fall off…

didnt-see-that-coming-11-gifs-1 themselves.



Or I could’ve learned a faster way…


…to go from clothes to swimsuit.


But I would never actually do any of those things, cause duh.  Sun’s out, I’m out, for the weekend.


Bitter Sunny no Funny Bennie




29 thoughts on “Suns out, Guns out

  1. Suns out, guns out is a hilarious, accurate statement. The first two days in a row of above 60 degrees here where I am, you can find people in spaghetti strap tank tops and shorts everywhere you look. Although here in California, it’s like ‘come on man, it’s not that warm, we’re not there yet, reel it in a bit.’ Although I just thought, maybe it’s because soon enough here, we will be melting in 100+ heat and all inside with the A/C on, so no one can see the guns out, so gotta get out there at the first opportunity!


  2. First of all… is the caped crusader still with us, I wonder? Second, I can’t help but wonder if the skateboarder was skinned alive? And if he did survive, I sure hope there wasn’t a car coming in the other lane, or that would have been one hell of a head-on collision!


  3. This is my life. Every time the sun is out, I never get anything done because I’m holed up inside the house. But anytime it’s raining I’m all motivated and crap. Sometimes, life is hard.


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