Lazy Friday Giftures

I just don’t feel like doing anything today.  Do you blame me? I’ve been expending a lot of energy putting my bitterness on display, and today feels like one of those Fridays where I take a head vacation, where it looks like I am concentrating really hard on something on my computer screen, but really my eyeballs are just hiding stealthily behind my eyelids.  My chair melts slowly and lazily into a lounge chair, the loud, rattling air conditioning shifts to a warm ocean breeze, the harsh glow of the computer screen becomes a soft, warm sunbeam that peaks through the palm tree above.  Nope that isn’t a palm tree, but the boss, lording over the florescent lights.  If only I wasn’t snoring… Hey at least when I’m in the bosses office I’m not working.  And when the lecture starts I can just zone out and pretend that I am surfing….


I’m feeling so lazy….

...I think I'll stay in the car.

…I think I’ll stay in the car.


I think…

...I'm gonna just go lay down over here.

…I’m gonna just go lay down over here.


Let’s just stick it in drive…


...and see where the road takes us.

…and see where the road takes us.



I’m too lazy…


…to even stand up to play basketball.



I’m tired of this hula hooping…


...I think I'll just sit down right here.

…I think I’ll just sit down right here.


I’m tired of riding this motorcycle…

...I think I'll just crash over here.

…I think I’ll just crash over here.



I’m gonna casually sneak up on this lizard…


..dang du

…DUDE where did you come from?!


Oh wow, look it’s a bull… about I just go lay over here.

…how about I just go lay over here.


Let’s go for a bike ride…

...Imanna just sit down right here.

…Nah, Imanna just sit down right here.


I’m getting really tired of bowling…



..I think I’ll just lay down right here. 


This stupid ball is going down…


…actually I am.  I think I’ll just lay here for a bit.


Now, it’s time to chill, listen to some music…



…and get the crap scared out of you.


Alright, I’m gonna finish this thing stro……


Bitter Too Lazy Ben

21 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Giftures

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    • Of course I do. I have a whole school of Bitterness you need to check out. You could even earn a degree, that would give you absolutely no experience to bitter, other than all you money being taken. That would make you bitter.


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