Bitter Picture of the Week – Darkness

Winter makes me so bitter

An artist’s rendering of me if I had a beard, darker hair, skinnier arms and smaller belly.  Also, I don’t have square eyes or ears that look like butterflies. Other than that, totally me.

The Dark Cloud of Doom or as we call it in Seattle not August, starts for most people around October and could last until late March/early April (except for the aforementioned Seattleites). This Doom Cloud is made worse as the days creep closer to December 21st or so, which is the beginning of winter/winter equinox which equals the shortest day of the year.  I think that  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were invented to get us through the fall/winter, darker everyday, crappy weather, snow delayed, misery of this time of year.  If these holidays weren’t interspersed in these dark months of the year who knows how depressed we would all be when January and February rolled around.  I think Batman must enjoy this time of year as he doesn’t have to wait until so late in the evening to fight crime/brood.  As much as light is a weakness of bitter people like me, darkness is even worse.  Darkness makes me so bitter!


Bitter Ben


9 thoughts on “Bitter Picture of the Week – Darkness

  1. Darkness makes me bitter as hell!! A bone of contention in mine and the ex’s marriage, was him wanting to return to Renton to live. Although it is beautiful out there, I told him I would slit my wrists in short order if I had to live there.


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