Doc Awkward BFG

I spent my Christmas vacation like I spend all my time. Being disappointed. Disappointed that I couldn't find any awesome gifts to give myself. Disappointed that my family wanted to be around me, despite the fact that I'm no fun to be around. But the biggest disappointment was that I wasn't able to watch more … Continue reading Doc Awkward BFG

Subject Lines Bitter Friday Giftures

  When I was in 7th grade, our social studies teacher made us do this assignment where we had to pick a career that we wanted to do when we grew up. I think most kids blew it off and probably had no idea what they wanted to do when they were in 7th grade. … Continue reading Subject Lines Bitter Friday Giftures

Interviewing Bitter Friday Giftures

  I don't normally get too political, but when that stuff is crammed down your throat on TV on every single channel, all day long, you have to have an opinion. Not necessarily on one side of an issue or another, but some sort of opinion. Whether that opinion is that our country is a … Continue reading Interviewing Bitter Friday Giftures

Awkward Party of 7, please

I haven't done this before, but today is my oldest girl's birthday. She just transitioned from the awkward age of 12, to the even more awkward age of 13. So officially, I now have a teen living under my roof and that is bad news. I've heard that they can be kind of a pain. … Continue reading Awkward Party of 7, please

It’s like giving candy to a baby…Bitter Friday Giftures

  That whole expression about taking candy from a baby is really kind of obvious. First of all, the little runts really aren't supposed to be eating candy. Especially in those vital first years. And if they are trying to eat it, you are just doing a service for them. Candy  would rot all their … Continue reading It’s like giving candy to a baby…Bitter Friday Giftures

The Pressures of Fitting Out

I know you've all been suffering through the really cold cold out there, for which you should be really bitter, but not near as much as me.  This guy right here, with the two thumbs pointing up at him, had to go outside yesterday and start my car early.  Then I had to use the scraper thing to get a thin … Continue reading The Pressures of Fitting Out